TruKid All Natural Sun Block & Lotion
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TruKid All Natural Sun Block & Lotion

I always have a hard time finding products that are okay for my children to use. They all have very sensitive skin. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.
I am love using products that have a good sent to it, but it seemed every product I tried broke the kids out in some kind of a rash. I recently got to try some products from TruKid.
TruKid offer a variety of beauty products that are biodegradable formulas and have been specifically designed to protect, moisturize and nourish children’s sensitive skin. They provide a line of gentle, natural and organic skincare that is safe to use on babies as well as big kids. I strongly believe these products would work on any sensitive skin.They work on my children and trust me it’s hard finding things that do! What’s great is their site is full of things to encourage kids to have healthy habits. On their site they have down-loadable printouts  of their earn a star checklists.
I recently got to try some sun screen from TruKid.  My husband gets burned really easy and sadly my daughter is the same way. We spent four hours in the pool at their grandma’s house. I applied the sun block once and she did not get burned. However I did, but because I didn’t put sun block on myself. I should have known better.  How many times did you have to fight with your children to get sun block on their faces? It’s the worst part to put sun block but it’s the easiest part to get sun burned. I am always worried that the sun block would get in their eyes. TruKid has a face and body stick that works great for putting sun block on faces. It’s quick, easy, and kids don’t fight you. The one thing I loved most about the stick is that it’s easy to carry in a purse or a diaper bag. It’s almost like a lip stick. With the stick I don’t have to worry about remembering to have sun block.
My daughter loves to put lotion on. She likes to smell good, but like I said it’s hard to find good smelling lotions that don’t break her skin out. TruKid has a Happy Face & Body Lotion that smells good and is great for sensitive skin. I got to admit even though it said it’s for kids I have used it myself. I wanted to try it out. It smells great! It left my skin feeling soft and not greasy.
Do your kids have sensitive skin? Do you like using all natural products on your children? Do you like products that work great and smells good? If so, then TruKid is for you!
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