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How Does The Weather Affect Tree Growth?

Trees are among the diverse species of plants on the planet, and they vary significantly in size, color, form, and structure. Their growth pattern depends on various factors such as the type of tree, soil moisture, air, and light exposure. In addition to that, climatic conditions also play a significant role in tree growth. Keep reading to learn more!

Weather and Temperature Affect Tree Growth

Sure, you know that trees can be affected by the weather. But what about temperature? That’s right! Trees are living things, and like all living things, they need to be in the proper environmental conditions to thrive. Certain temperatures help trees grow, while others hurt them.

As with any living thing, if a tree is too cold or too hot for an extended period, it will die. That doesn’t mean that during the summer, when it gets hot where you live, your trees will fail as long as they get some relief from the heat at night. 

Summer Weather Can Be Harsh on Trees

When the weather’s hot, trees experience stress and may be slowed. To reduce this stress, mulch your trees to help retain water. If a tree receives adequate moisture, it will continue to grow generally despite hot temperatures. Trees in drought conditions will likely not increase during the summer months.

Winter Weather Affects Tree Growth as Well

While springtime and summer are the seasons that most people think of when they consider how to protect their trees, winter is also an important time for tree care. For example, during a cold snap, your local landscape will be vulnerable to damage from ice storms.

When temperatures are hard enough to cause a freeze-thaw cycle, the soil will expand and contract so much over a day that trees’ roots could become separated from the ground. In this instance, trees may not receive enough water during the warmer hours of the day and suffer.

Rainfall Is Key to the Growth of Trees

Rainfall is key to the growth of trees. It is one of the main factors determining how a tree can grow due to its importance in providing water and nutrients. The optimum levels of rainfall for tree growth are between 1,000 and 1500 millimeters per year.

We could plant trees in areas with high rainfall or use irrigation systems to water them regularly to ensure enough rainfall. If a drought occurs when there isn’t enough moisture available for plants like trees, they will stop growing until it rains again.


Many people don’t realize how important the weather can be to tree growth. If you want your trees to grow as much as possible, you’ll want to know how to maximize their potential based on known factors. Trees grow best in optimum conditions, but those can be hard to come by. Tree growth is affected by the environment, which means it’s not always easy to create an ideal environment for trees to thrive. Contact native tree nursery for a variety of tree species!