Top 5 Summer Workouts
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Top 5 Summer Workouts

As we move into the heat of August I am always HOT, and sticky, and so over it. But getting moving is still so important.  There are great things about summer, many of them can get you out of the gym and really moving!

  1. Home construction projects!

                Okay, so we don’t think of this as a workout, but really this is the original keeping in shape.  Not all of us can go “work on a farm” But we can totally have a garden, build a fence or deck, or other home repair things that we tend to keep putting off. Take a day and go hard. You will work your whole body!

  1. A Yoga Class

                This may go on every list for workouts because it is so good for your body.  The best thing about Yoga is a low intensity (or not), the in-door or out-door options, and the flow. Yoga might be what your summer workout needs.  Take a class, find a group in the park, or even You-Tube some of that!

  1. Bicycling

     Get out and go for ride.  There are ways to move the cycling outside of the studio.  Remember when we were kids and never worried about being fit?  Remember when we also rode our bikes all across town multiple times in a day because that is how we got places?  Bring it back and enjoy the ride.

  1. Evening walks.

                Get out of your head and the mess of the day with a nice evening walk.  Right around the time it starts to cool off for the day, but before it is too dark to see where you are going.  It is a great way to unwind from the day.  You COULD do this early morning too, although early mornings and I still don’t have the best relationship.  Either time the day is a calmer the air cooler and it is great to get out.

  1. Go swim!

Like really!  Go for a swim.  The pool always has kids running around crazy but with a little work you can see when adult swimming is and enjoy the laps.  You can get a whole-body workout in, some sun and fresh air.  It is worth it.  And the after a swim nap is the best nap in the whole world.

How are you getting out and moving this summer? Are you staying at the Gym with the nice A/C or are you trying new things?

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