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Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

In no real order here are MY top 10 gifts for teachers at the start of the school year.

  1. Fancy pens, the kind a teacher loves but cannot justify spending that much money on.
  2. Gift cards – coffee, target, staples, the like.
  3. Candy stashes – big bags of mini chocolates and such.
  4. Bags filled with school supplies. Often a teacher digs out her stash for the student with out
  5. Any theme item they use in their room.  I had a teacher who did everything in snoopy.  ANYTHING snoopy would work for him.
  6. Food. But please not cookies little Jane made.  Jane eats glue, they all eat glue we don’t really want to eat glue cookies.
  7. Cups.  But know your teacher some, look around when you meet them.  Coffee cups are okay but do get old.  Fancy water bottles might be nice, but only if they will be uses.  And again, like with all of this remember the key to gift giving is to get something the receiver would want but wouldn’t spend money on (because teachers are Broke!)
  8. Personal one of the best gifts I ever got was a coat.  I know odd gift, right?   I loved it.  It was the best.
  9. Sent stuff, like the wax warmers!  Especially for teaching middle school!  Again, know the teacher or risk something slightly offensive, so gift cards are good here too.   But our rooms can really stink.
  10. A drink.  A grownup drink, a soft drink if that’s the teachers jam.  But if you cannot take the teacher out for a drink then bring him one.  Trust me it will be welcomed.

Most of all support your student and the teachers.  It is a long hard job, but it is done with love.  Enjoy the new school year!

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