Tips to Help Women Juggle Many Responsibilities
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Tips to Help Women Juggle Many Responsibilities

Women often juggle multiple roles in their lives, ranging from raising children to careers to personal lives. She’s a cook almost every night of the week, a parent before anything else in her life, an educator, a nurse, and a handyman when things go wrong around the house. She’s sometimes a wife, sometimes a student. Women live limitless lives with many achievements they want to fill.

These multiple roles all fill her life with special meaning, although if the roles are perceived as challenges, stress often becomes a part of her life. Handling one role while dealing with stress is difficult enough. Women simply cannot bear the many roles they fill if they’re stressed and worried.

The following strategies help women of all ages, who fill any multitude of roles, with the skills necessary to overcome any obstacles threatening the way.

Look Up to Role Models

Role models give us something to look up to, and accomplishments we’d like to strive for. If you don’t already have role models, it’s not too late to learn about great people and why looking up to them can be the most beneficial task you ever complete. Be it a parent, an athlete, a church leader, an actor, singer, or a professor from college, having a role model provides only encouragement for a better tomorrow.


Purchase groceries, medications, clothing, and even medical supplies online to save time and hassle. Without frequent store trips, much of your stress is already gone. Front door delivery of the items that you need, when you need them, eliminates the need to go out and battle traffic, fight long lines in the grocery store, or risk your health.


Many women work at home these days, giving them more time to spend with their kids, spouses, and family. There are fewer restrictions when a woman works at home, giving her the freedom to be more hands-on and eliminate some of the worry and guilt she feels. But instead of working for your company at home, have you ever considered starting a home-based business so, eventually, it’s possible to leave the 9 to 5 behind. Can you think of anything better than becoming your own boss?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Women are strong and capable of great things, but when someone is around to give her a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough, it persuades her to continue doing great things. It gives her a break from the norm, time to relax, unwind, and be herself. If you are a strong, independent woman, remember that you need help from friends, family, doctors, counselors, and others.

Take Care of Yourself

A strong woman is a healthy woman. Exercise and eating right is important, but a healthy woman also needs support, mental well-being, medical care, and other services that help her be at her best at all times. Eat healthy foods and shy away from processed and sugary foods as well as carbs. Drink more water. Get at least eight hours of sleep each night. And most of all, make time for fun. We all need a special time to enjoy ourselves. It provides a nice destresser and helps our mental well-being.

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to other people only makes you feel emotionally drained and, sometimes, like a failure. You’ll find that life gives what is meant for you; nothing more, nothing less. Focus more on yourself, your goals, and what is before you rather than what other people do, have, or desire. What is meant for them simply isn’t meant for you.


A fact of life that many consider a hard pill to swallow is that a person is capable of doing only so much. Prioritize the most important things in life, like work duties, so doing more than physically and mentally possible is no longer a part of the equation. Sometimes, prioritizing tasks requires you to leave work at work so sleep does not elude you. Waiting until tomorrow (or the day after or day after that) is okay when it protects your well-being.

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