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Tips to Decorate Your Living Room in a Modern Way

Undoubtedly, you love every inch of your house from the cores of your heart and want to see it well-decorated throughout. But, if you have to select a single room to put your heart and soul designing it, your living room will top the list. This is because your living room is the most populated area of your house. You will like to decorate it the way everybody should appreciate it. The modern way of decorating a living, as by any great firm like interior designers Holmby Hills, etc., is all about minimalism and neutrality. Clean lines and simple colour schemes embedded with attractive accents and modern furniture items define a modern living room.

Here are a few tips we have worked out to help you decorate your living in a modern way. All this is as per modern ideas of home decor from the best professionals like Malibu interior designer and many others. You will find them quite practical and latest to make your living present a most modern look. Here we go now. Our guideline covers the following three major areas.

  1. Designing your space

The first and foremost of the whole game is to cover your space with the latest techniques and styles. This crucial task further comprises of the following important steps.

  • Paint your walls a light or neutral colour.

In order to give a truly modern touch, paint your walls white, cream or beige instead of bright red, blue, etc. However, you may choose the bright shades of these light colours and you may also go with silver grey or slate. So, at the very outset, choose some modern base colour and paint all the walls of your living room.

  • Decide on 1-2 accent coloured patches for your space and focus on designing them.

Going with neutral tones but incorporating 1—2 accent colours throughout the space is the real modern style. The best way is to pick 1 lighter shade and 1 darker hue of the same tone like a lavender and plum shade of purple. Decide on the small decorative items such as curtains, lamps, vases, etc. in the darker one of the two. Also, you should focus on geometric and angular shapes when choosing accent pieces. Go with squares, rectangles and straight lines instead of old traditional handmade styles.

  • Select minimal decorations befitting a modern theme.

A fully loaded living room can never be said a modern one because modern decor is featured with slim and streamlined look. Avoid overcrowding your living room if you want to give it a modern touch. For example, you may choose 2 pieces of bold statement art and 1—2 decorative touches for your end table and coffee table.

  1. Deciding on furniture

A modern living room space always goes with simple, rectangular and neutral-coloured furniture to give itself a quiet cosy look. Pick a rectangular couch or chairs and 1—2 end tables all in the same colour and go with a sleek, glass coffee table as well. Place a few magazines and a vase or some other decorative accent on the top. Also use some rugs and pillows to soften up the harder surfaces. A bold colour rug and a couple of pillows can enhance the beauty of your furniture and the modern look of your living.   

  1. Adding accent pieces

This is the final touch to your modern living room decor which must be done with the same utmost care. To begin with, you may cover your floor with a large square rug for a subtle modern touch. Then you can throw accent pillows and a blanket and can illuminate your space with simple floor lamps. Some candles, vases and framed pictures can also be added to your modern decor. Likewise, a statement piece of art work will surely be a part of modern accent. To end with, you may also place a potted plant to give a touch of green to the overall look of your modern living room.  

Hence, you can easily get your living room well-decorated in a modern way by following the above said tips.