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Tips to Care for Your Clip in Extensions This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and you are probably already busy making plans to hit up the beaches and pools to soak up as much of that gorgeous sun as possible. It’s the perfect plan. But, let’s not forget our hair extensions while we’re out having fun. The ZALA clip-in hair extensions are designed to last, but you do require a few easy steps to prevent them from getting damaged. Here’s our top five tips to keep both you – and your hair extensions – glowing all summer long.

  1. Protect Your Hair in the Water

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to avoid taking a dip in the beautiful water over the summertime just because you have your clip-in extensions in. That would be a waste of the season! Instead, just take a few extra precautions. In general, you can treat your hair extensions the same way you would your normal hair—except when it comes to the bonds and tape.

Too much water can wear away at these. The best thing to do is keep them as dry as possible. If you can, avoid submerging them in the water for too long—or at all. You can rock the high-top knot look and keep them out of water. If you do get them wet, then once you’re out, grab a towel and dry them off as much as possible straight away. If you have a hairdryer handy, even better!

  1. Avoid Heat Tools

Since your hair is already exposed to high temperatures from the summer heat and UV rays, it’s best to step away from the curling irons and straighteners during this time. They simply dry out your hair even more and can end up causing damage.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of natural ways you can create those beautiful beach waves. Braid your hair while it’s wet and let it dry – or even sleep on it like this. Once you undo the braids, you’ll have gorgeous, natural curls—without any of the damage.

  1. Step Away from the Lotion

Ah, summertime is all about the coconut oils and sunscreen lotions, working on your tan while protecting your skin. Just make sure you keep those lotions to your skin and avoid your hair at all costs. You might not even realise you’re doing it. But as you wear your hair out, it might be rubbing into that lotion on your back, which can cause damage. Or as you put lotion on your face, you could be getting it on your hairline.

Every time you apply lotion, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, and avoid brushing your fingers through your hair as much as possible.

Once again, these lotions can cause your bonds to loosen on your extensions—which is the last thing you want. Even the best clip-in hair extensions can’t hold up against too much lotion.

  1. Brush Your Hair

Consider this your reminder to brush your hair each and every day. The combination of swimming and heat from the sun can cause more knots that you’re used to. The best solution is having a brush on hand to gently get them out before they build up too much and become unmanageable. 

  1. Reach for the Conditioner

With all the heat in the air, it’s best to go lighter on the shampoo, and reach for that conditioner. It’s the perfect way to get as much moisture back into your hair as possible.

Just limit the shampoo for when you really need it. The shampoo can actually strip your hair of oils and leave it even drier in the process. When you do shampoo, be sure to follow up with some leave-in conditioner. You can even add a detangling product at the end to stop that build up of knots. 

Enjoy the Summer Months

Don’t forget that fun comes first. All these precautions will help you have a fun, carefree summer without risking damage to your prized hair extensions. The best advice is to treat them the same way you would your normal hair. By following these tips, you can enjoy healthy, long, luscious locks all season long. What could be better!

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