Tips for Finding Your Family History

According to expert Michael Canzian, there are ways that you can find your family without having to scour multiple genealogical sites online. Here are some great tips that can get you started on your search to uncover lost relatives and your traditional family values.

family history

Start a Family Tree

The key to starting your research is to think about your immediate family. Get names of relatives from your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Often, you can find crucial information that can help you start building your family tree, such as what these people did, where they lived, and more. In addition, you can find free questionnaires online that can tell you what information you should try to get out of your relatives. That will give you a good foundation to start researching these individuals.

Search Your Home for Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks can give you crucial information that you need to continue your search. Look for scrapbooks, memory boxes, photographs, diaries, letters, bibles, and records that can help you unearth more people.

Start With the Basics

Once you have a few names, you can start by running basic searches on these people. Remember, at first, you are only looking for basic information, such as names, dates, and locations. Often, you can find this information on U.S. census records.

Start an Online Tree

After getting a good deal of names and other information, you can start to build an online family tree. This is the perfect solution to help you keep your information organized and add more people or data when you find it. Start by entering the basics that you discovered and add more information as you continue your research. Note, many websites offer a basic family tree service for free.

Start With a Story

As you work on your tree, you are bound to find a family story that you want to continue exploring. You can often find these in newspapers or interesting records that you come across. In addition, family legends, educational memories, occupational stories, and military events often offer some great topics that you may want to research further.

Join a Family Search Group

Consider joining a group that gets together to research their genealogy, so you have their experience to help guide you. These people can share research tips and help you stay organized as you work. Plus, meeting with them to share your progress can help you stay accountable.

There are many ways to discover your family tree without having to sign up for multiple genealogical subscriptions. By following these tips, you’ll discover all of your lost family members in no time.

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