Tiny Love Bounce and Sway
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Tiny Love Bounce and Sway

I love baby bouncers and the Tiny Love Bounce and Sway is by far my favorite of all the bouncers I have ever tried. This bouncer is beyond awesome and I’m glad that I have one on hand for the little one’s that I often watch during the week. This bouncer is awesome because not only does it have the bouncing motion but it also has a swaying motion from side to side to help soothe baby. It makes them feel almost as if they are being held and being rocked which really does help to calm them. I have a little one I watch who is teething and is often fussy so I will put her in this and set it to sway and it helps to calm her and she usually falls asleep in it. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Tiny Love Bounce and Sway

The other nice things about this bouncer is the fact that it has a selection of 19 tunes in 3 different categories and it plays 25 minutes of continuous music. How awesome is that, I love that I don’t have to worry about the music stopping for the entire 25 minutes. The bouncing function on this bounces is also fun and relaxing for baby. There are also some very cute smiling Meadow Day Characters that your baby will love looking at watching and trying to grab which helps to develop fine motor skills.

Tiny Love Bounce and Sway

This Bouncer is easy to put together and the seat is very soft and it’s washable which is a great thing because we all know there are times when babies spit up or have other accidents. I just take the cover off, throw it in the washer then let it dry and it’s good to go again. If you have a little one or know someone who has or is going to have a little one then I would recommend getting this. It has been a blessing to have it with the little ones that I watch because I can set them in this and then watch them while getting work done. They still get the feel of being rocked and I get the joy of watching them. This really is a great product that I’m glad that I own.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Love Bounce and Sway

  1. It’s amazing to me how much the stuff for babies has changed in 40 years. This is a great thing for a baby.

  2. The Tiny Love Bounce and Sway sounds like it’s a must have for any woman with little ones. I’m guessing it calms a fussy and crying baby down. It probably also puts the little ones to sleep. It’s a perfect baby shower gift.

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