Household · August 2, 2020 1

Time to Host A Party

July is my favorite month! We have three great reasons to celebrate. Starting with the great ol USA, than my youngest boy, and youngest daughter.   Below are two of my favorite items to use to host a party! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

HaloVino is perfect for hosting parties! It makes wine taste great, and you have no worries about broken glass, especially if kids are running around. At the end of the night, your guests can take them home with them or you can toss them into the dishwasher and have them ready for the next party. Each glass has a fun unique saying – creating smiles while ensuring everyone knows whose glass is whose.

Our paper vase wraps and placemats come in multiple colors and patterns. Each set of vase wraps includes 3 different designs of the same color and retail for $18. The placemats come in pads of 24 and retail for $22. They
are available at and select retailers nationwide.
In one of the world’s top-selling games, players inspect the cards as they’re flipped to find five of the same fruit, then race to squeak the banana. It’s a full-on fruit frenzy!
  • More than 11 million units sold worldwide
  • Features a squishy banana-shaped squeaker
  • Used in schools to improve counting and math skills

I could swear I’ve seen that before…or have I? Flip over a card and look at the images, then flip over another. When you think you’re seeing something for the second time, grab the matching object from the table. Your memory can play tricks on you in the first round because many objects look similar, but it’s even trickier as play continues and you’re seeing objects again and again . . . or are you?
  • Without rule changes, the game gets more challenging the more it’s played
  • Thick, high-quality pieces and oversized cards
  • Visual memory makes this a great family game

Players flip over nine cards, then combine any two to create a saying, phrase, movie title, word, song lyric, slogan…any well-recognized combination of words. From “Party Time” to “Baby’s Got Back” to “The Hot Seat” to “Love Potion” it’s the game where players will love to “Brain Storm.”
  • 120 cards offer millions of possible connections
  • Ideal for large gatherings and small groups
  • Excellent lateral thinking game

Moscow Mule copper mugs are made with 100% pure high-grade and food-safe copper. They are handcrafted with care using traditional methods and are painstakingly hammered by hand to create a gorgeous aesthetic. Their mugs are of exceptional quality, and their beauty will stand out in your kitchen or bar.

These are just a couple great products to make hosting a party little easier. There are so many more! If you have one I would love to hear all about it.