Tidying Up with Mesh Bags
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Tidying Up with Mesh Bags

Like everyone else, I am watching Tidying Up and trying to organize my home and life. With a family of 6, it feels like a huge job to undertake, but I know from previous years, the effort is incredibly worth it in the end! This year, my goal is to give everything in my house a place to call home. I found the best tool for organizing my life in the most unexpected product, mesh produce bags!

Storage Challenges

The challenge of organizing can be the storage of items, as we all know. With 4 kids, there are a lot of toys, equipment for sports and accessories to keep track of. I use a lot of totes, bins and baskets as storage solutions for everyday items. I find that board games, barbie dolls, cars and trucks are best kept in bins that are easy to access with wide openings for small hands and bulky boxes. But, storing doll accessories in an open bin is not a good idea. I started using a reusable mesh produce bag for these kinds of things and it really opened my eyes to all of the ways I can put mesh bags to work in my house.

Easy Solution

Mesh produce bags are awesome for keeping  fruits and veggies fresh. But, there are so many ways you can use them in your home. From my eye opening doll accessory storage, to the best way to store and transport beach toys; the sand shakes out before you arrive at your car with a reusable mesh produce bag.  These make an easy solution for storing small toys in and out of the house. We love to use a reusable bag in the car for comfort items for the kids on long car rides. There are so many ways this secret weapon can help get things organized!

The Easiest Way to Clean Legos

Organizing inevitably means a lot of cleaning. When I peeked at the kids stash of Legos, I cringed. I mean, those things can get gross and dirty! Well, a mesh bag makes for an ideal way to wash legos. Simply place the Legos in a bag, seal it well and toss it in the washer! The legos will dry easily and come out squeaky clean!

Not Just for Toys

Mesh produce bags are great in the kitchen and playroom, but with a 12 pack of SGM Reusable Mesh Produce Bags I started exploring all the ways this multi size pack could simplify things in my life. We travel a lot, and these mesh produce bags are perfect for holding toiletries, a change of clothes for the youngest in the car, or even a snack for long trips for the kids.They are food safe too for the multi-purposing win! 

Worth the Investment

Getting things organized is a task, and spending money to get there is not always something we want to do, but I really felt that this 12 pack of SGM Reusable Mesh Produce Bags is a must have. You get 3 sizes of bags, which you can use in so many ways, for under $1 a bag, which is a great deal for something you can use hundreds of times and in so many ways. Not only are these affordable bags, but also they are backed by a lifetime guarantee, if for some reason you can’t use these bags all day long, you can get your cash back. 

Added Bonus

As an added bonus of these mesh bags, I have found that they are perfect for use with laundry. I can store my delicates in a mesh bag but they are a true hero for tiny socks. I toss the tiny socks in a mesh bag and wash normally, and it is like a miracle; every sock comes out of the wash with a mate. That is a great step to take when you are reducing clutter and no longer need a mismatch sock basket!
I would love to hear how you use mesh bags around your house. Have you ever used them in organizing? 

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