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ThunderWorks Pet Products

Like I said we have three dogs.  What I didn’t tell you yet was that our female, Angle, as the WORST anxiety when it comes to storms.  Today I will review the benefits of Thundershirts two Products ThunderWunder chews and ThunderEase collar. This a sponsored post, but the thoughts and stories are my own!

First a look at ThunderEase Collar.

      Taking this thing out of the package was a little odd.  I was totally afraid of getting that slimy feeling from other collars on my hands.  I just hate that.  Nope.  This felt like a simple rubbery collar.  It was a little work to push the one side into the other, but it worked like a zip-tie and was ready to go.

                The ThunderEase Collar says it works with the dog’s natural body heat to release relaxing Pheromones. The testing results are all positive, and it is far less chemically than other calming methods. Best of all I am not sedating my dog!

                BUT, the results work best if it is worn 24/4. And as it is the zip-tie method of putting it on there really isn’t a way to take it off for a few days. It also only works for about 4 weeks. That is one new collar a month, at least during storm season.

                Does it work?  Eh.  Angel is typically calm anyway, unless it is a storm! So, we didn’t notice much right away.   But this and the ThunderWunder chews gave us the best two night of storms we have ever had. I wouldn’t totally discount this, but I was far more impressed with the ThunderWunder Chews.

ThunderWunder Chews!

   This is awesome.  The chews worked for all three dogs and gave us a much better day.  So, Angel is usually chill, her son Moo however, is NOT. That dog is going to be the death of me.  After an odd day of him being a totally pain we gave him one, and boy was it a difference.

                First let me say that these are a “medication” at least they should be used as such and NOT for a normal snack.  They are made with Melatonin (which we had already used for Angel’s stressed out storm moments), Thiamine, and L-Typtophan.  Ray uses Melatonin to help him sleep (years of working nights messes with a person).  So, we know it’s not a toy.

The ingredients naturally help calm a stressed-out dog.  Even with the collar on we noticed Angel was feeling a little stressed, so we gave her one chew.  She ate it, and that dog can be supper picky with treats.    Within minutes she was chilling out watching me work.  She slept well, did not do that hid in the bathroom and pant thing she typically does, and we enjoyed the night.

The next night when the storms started we were able to get her a chew before the big thunder show and she acted like she normally does. Nothing was stressing her out.  It was great.

Bottom line:

    At about $20.00 for each product I would totally get the chews.  They seemed to help the most, although they may have helped because of the aid of the collar?!   They helped our dog and trust me, after one night of staying up making sure she was drinking water and trying to calm her down this was absolutely worth it!

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