Three Unique Graduation Gifts You Should Give This May
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Three Unique Graduation Gifts You Should Give This May

If you, like many people, know plenty of family friends and relatives with children that will be graduating high school and going on to college in the coming years, it can be daunting to think of creative and fun gifts to give that are more personal than cash in an envelope. Sending graduates into the next stage in their life should be meaningful and fun and will leave an impression for years to come. Depending on your relationship to the graduate, this guide can give you some creative ideas on gifts to give if you’ve been invited to the ceremony, graduation party, or received a graduation announcement.

If You’ve Been Invited to the Ceremony

If you were invited to a graduation ceremony, chances are the graduate is a close friend or relative since there are usually limited seats available, or tickets are purchased by the graduate and their family. If you are able to attend the ceremony, flowers in the school’s colors or graduation candy bouquets can be a fun way to make the graduate feel special on this exciting day. It would also be appropriate to give a graduate a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear for this big day, and that they will see and remember you by in all of the pictures taken at the ceremony.

If You’ve Been Invited to a Graduation Party

If you’ve been asked to attend a graduation party, you’re likely a family friend or acquaintance of the graduate and they want to celebrate their achievement with you. If the graduate is leaving home for college, giving a care package of local food items and paraphernalia can be a fun way to remind them of home. Framed photos of you and the graduate together, or them with their family that they can put in their dorm room can also be a sentimental gift that they will remember you by.

If You’ve Received an Announcement

Announcements are how the families or graduates share their exciting news with family and friends who wouldn’t be able to make it to a ceremony or party. If you’ve received a graduation announcement, you can certainly send one of the gifts above, but sending one special item along with a card explaining how it helped you through your college experience can mean a lot to a future college student. Maybe you used an insulated coffee mug to make it through your morning lectures, and want to pass that on to the graduate, or wouldn’t have survived without a quick meals cookbook.

Graduation can be an exciting and daunting time in any young person’s life. With this guide, you can help them feel confident and comfortable as they move onto this next stage.

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