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Those Mother That Are “Father” too Gift Guide

Today is Father’s day. As a daughter of a veteran, a friend of a veteran, and a friend to many single parents I realize one thing. That one is that there are some families for whatever reason don’t have a father. The Mother/Mom is a one-woman show. Those women deserve love too..honestly maybe a little extra love. It’s hard to do things alone. You got to have a good support system. I know I can’t personally tell some of those ladies just how much I admire them and appreciate the work they do. In honor of that, I put together a little gift guide of some of my favorite products that I have seen that would be great for them.  The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

The Benefits: The Allay Lamp was designed to help women manage nightly sleep routines, alleviate headaches in a non-pharmaceutical way, and more, by emitting a soothing, natural glow that clams the brain to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and create better quality, longer sleep. And there are also very specific benefits for moms! From the “up and down every hour” sleep patterns of newborns looking for their next meal to the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed that comes with parenting any age child, insomnia is a problem for moms and dads. However, by using the Allay Lamp in all bedrooms, expecting + new mothers and families can have a low-stress, minimal sensory disruptive environment that will help every member of the family to fall asleep and stay that way. In addition, expectant and nursing moms will like the fact that the Allay Lamp offers non-medicated relief from headache and migraine pain.
Powerful Performance for Large Room: With a CADR of 130 CFM / 220 m3/h, the Apollo 718 is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It can cycle the air of 300 sq. ft. in only 15 minutes, 500 sq. ft. in 30 minutes, and 800 sq.ft.in one hour.
Set It and Forget It: With the lowest noise level of 23 dB, the Apollo 718 will not interfere with your sleeping, studying, reading, and working, offering you a quiet space with extra comfort.

Give him some valuable me-time in the ENO SingleNest Hammock. Easy to use and incredibly comfortable, this single-person hammock made of breathable, quick-drying nylon and triple-stitched seams holds 400 lbs. Using its aluminum wire gate carabiners, you can hang it in the sun or in the shade. Light enough for backpackers and robust enough for backyard luxury, the SingleNest hammock offers him hours of outdoor relaxation.

Our Personalized Metal Letter address Sign is the perfect gift for anyone from the old homeowner to the new homeowner. This is a perfect gift for a couple to give them a custom metal wall art piece for their home! Each Metal sign is laser cut from the top-of-the-line laser technology to ensure precise detail of design!

A personalized flask serves as the king of all groomsmen gifts. It’s a staple gift that has lasted the test of time. Whether you get a flask as a stand-alone gift or as part of a gift set, kelp your groomsmen conceal their alcohol with one of these custom engraved flasks.

Sea Moss Transformation is the premier source for Wildcrafted Sea Moss gel (Irish Sea Moss). Mix it in your morning coffee or smoothie or eat a scoop right out of the jar to start the day off right. Sea Moss has endless benefits to your health, whether you’re looking to lose or maintain a healthy weight or infuse your body with all the essential minerals for the human body. This marine superfood surpasses other algae, helping with inflammation, healthy mucus membrane support, digestive health, thyroid support, and mental and reproductive health. The farms practice environmentally sustainable and socially responsible farming and wild harvesting, then the Sea Moss is transferred to a vegan kitchen where it’s blended in alkaline spring water and made into a gel.

Introducing the Tikes Tumbler– the perfect way to keep your child hydrated on the go. These cups are available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with your child’s name. Plus, they come with a matching straw for easy sipping. So make sure your little one stays hydrated while looking stylish too!

This beautifully designed floral tumbler in grey is the perfect functional gift for your bridesmaid! Give her the tumbler that goes with your spring or summer wedding theme and it becomes another item they can carry that’s going to be picture-perfect. It can also be personalized with her name. This tumbler carries the IceShaker brand so you can be sure you’re giving her a quality product that is durable, safe, and stylish.

Heirloom takes treasured memories and delivers them in a beautiful book that your loved one can pick up and watch at any time. And, the creation process is super simple. Visit the Heirloom website and upload up to 20 minutes of high-definition video (just drag and drop). Select a custom cover, add a message on the inside, preview your collection, and you’re done! Heirloom will then ship a video-playing book right to your loved one. Each book comes fully charged and videos play automatically when the cover is opened. Heirloom is on a mission to make it possible for special moments to be shared with family and friends. A thoughtful and precious gift, these video books ensure that the memories never fade with time.
Add Some Extra Joy and Fun to Every Party with Friendlily Press! This woman-owned and operated brand is creating fun and joy in this crazy world through its fun and adorable designs. Available in a wide variety of themes like Throwback, Sports, Bachelorette, Pride, and so much more. Or reach out for a custom creation to fit perfectly with your event. And when you’re done, upcycle the stirrers by giving your houseplants cute new accessories to match their personalities, too. Friendlily has everything you need to soothe that craving for extra serotonin. Add greeting cards to celebrate every holiday and wine tags to show off your personality to create the ultimate get-together.
First off before I end this guide, I do want to acknowledge the one men show people too. Hope over to my Father’s Gift Guide to see some great products for them too.  I would love to hear how you told that special person thank you. Just leave me a comment and tell me.

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