Thirty One Bag : Retro Bag
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Thirty One Bag : Retro Bag

There is nothing like adding a new bag to your collection! A new purse or bag can add a lot to your wardrobe as well as your quality of life. Some of my favorite options are from Thirty One Gifts. I love how affordable, durable and stylish they are. They have so many options at prices anyone can afford that the hardest part about getting a new bag for spring is deciding which one you like the best! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Thirty One Bag : Retro Bag

I am crushing on the Retro Metro bag right now. This is super spacious, features both interior and exterior pockets and comes in 5 designs that can all be personalized to make your Retro Metro bag as unique as you are.

This bag retails for $72, and let me tell you why I think it is worth every cent.

First, shopping Thirty One is great because it supports women in business. I love that I can update my look while supporting another woman’s dream to be her own boss! Second, this is such a spacious bag! I can stash everything I need for myself and the kids in it, which I love as we near the end of the diaper bag stage! Plus, this bag is gorgeous, no matter what print you pick!

Thirty One Bag : Retro Bag

As an added bonus, there is a special Retro Metro Message inside the bag on the interior pocket which is sure to make you smile and feel inspired. The exterior of the bag features a lobster claw for convenience. The bag has comfy handles and is easy to carry on the arm. While being spacious, it is not bulky or awkward.

I highly recommend the Retro Metro Bag from Thirty One gifts as a way to update your look this spring on a budget, or as a gift idea for someone special this spring.

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