Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour
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Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

If you having been reading my blog for a while now you probably have guessed that I love Thirty One!!! What’s not to love they have everything you could need to organize every part of your home. Plus, their designs are cute and sure to fit everyone’s personality. Don’t believe me? Well, there is a chance for you to see for yourself. Thirty One has been in business for 15 years!! In honor of it they are holding their 15th Anniversary Tour and visiting cities all over the U.S! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

Here’s your chance to explore their fun, functional products firsthand. Meet Consultants in your area, find your new must-haves, and even learn about starting your own business with Thirty-One.

Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

I woke up bright and early, loaded the family, and drove three hours so I can check it out and boy am I happy I did!! There is something about getting your hands on a product, feeling it, and exploring it that makes you love it more! The thing that I thought was neat was they had their products set up in different household situations in their trailer. I had a thirty-one consultant walked me through the trailer. She showed me how the different products would work through out my house. I got to see a bathroom and kitchen set up. It gave me some pretty good ideas! The beauty of Thirty One products is there is no set way that you can use them. You can use them in whatever way that fits your needs.

Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

I learned and a lot by visiting and I believe you will too. My daughter joined me in the tour and I am glad she did. I learned something about Thirty One that really impressed me and I feel struck a chord for her. They have products that encourage girls of all ages, especially tweens and teens, to be proud of who they are. It reminds them that they are special and unique. We recently moved and my daughter has struggled to make friends. She had kids making fun of her and teasing her for being a little over weight. So, when I saw the smile on her face when she was looking at the girl empowered products it made me smile too!

Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

Not only is it about learning, but there is also some fun activities. The first 50 attendees at each event will receive a free Thirty-One product. And everyone will have an opportunity to win $100 in Thirty-One products! 

Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

Visit Thirty One to find their stop that is closest too you! So you can join in on the fun and see all the ways Thirty One empower women, girls and families. And discover for yourself why they say that with Thirty-One, the life you love is in the bag.

22 thoughts on “Thirty One 15th Anniversary Tour

  1. This sounds like a fun tour, thank you so much for sharing! I do not own any Thirty One products, but I have seen and read a lot of reviews on multiple items and they all sound amazing!

  2. What a wonderful post thank you for sharing this one and what a great cause. Also I loved the pictures.

  3. I do like Thirty-One products very much and I have a bag I use all the time. This seems like a fun day!

  4. It is so important to instill confidence in little girls. I’d heard of Thirty-One but never really checked them out. Appears to be a great company

  5. Great to give girls strength and power. PS love the pink truck too. Lots of fun things to check out too. thanks

  6. I think its so important to empower our little girls so that they can have the self confidence needed to survive the cruel world that we live in today. this event looks like it was a lot of fun.

  7. How Fun. I’ve heard of Thirty-one but thought they were only tote bags. I am intrigued and must go check them out. this looked like a really fun day.

  8. wow this seems like so much fun. A friend o mine celebrated her girl’s birthday using a service like this. I will have to check Thirty One and see if they service muy area. Many birthday celebrations are coming and this is a nice option.

  9. I thought 31 was just tote bags, I had no idea they had so much to offer! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, that was a serious trek! It was all worth it if your daughter found something to boost her confidence <3

  10. Organization is not a strength of mine, so send that tour straight to my house! I need all Thirty-One products to help motivate me to make organization a little more fun and a whole lot more adorable.

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