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The Outer Rims By Clint Morey (Kindle)

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About the Book: (per Amazon)

The universe is shrinking as humans spread throughout the stars. But expansion means contact with new worlds and species—and with them, new challenges. As a young boy, Matthew Wallace experienced this as the child of missionaries on the planet Altair, living a rugged existence on the undeveloped world. Undeveloped, but not uninhabited. For Altair was home to a proud race of warriors—the Ananke.The same warriors Matthew watched as they murdered his parents. Now he is the Marshal of the place he swore he’d never return to, his hatred for the Ananke only tempered by his desperation to treat his wife’s terrible illness. For located on Altair is a clinic performing medical miracles, curing men and women of terminal diseases that even the most advanced technologies can’t touch. And yet, nothing is without its price, and as Matthew learns more about the world where he’s now charged with keeping the peace, he slowly realizes he’s going to have to decide what is more important: The life of his wife…or the lives of an entire species.A sci-fi thriller that calls to mind the grand masters of the genre, The Outer Rims explores the morality of doing whatever is necessary and the question of whether humanity and sentience are one in the same.

Episode List
An additional episode will be delivered every two weeks until the book is complete. New episodes will be added to the same book on your Kindle, keeping your place and retaining your notes and highlights. You’ll be notified via email when a new episode has been delivered.

Episode 1: Released on February 19, 2013. 54 pages. Space Marshal Matt Wallace returns to the planet where his parents were murdered by Ananke natives twenty years earlier, because it’s the only place in the Galaxy where his wife can receive the medical treatments that will save her life.
Episode 2: Released on March 5, 2013. 44 pages. The Ananke and humans have agreed to forgive all past crimes, but when Matt goes to the Ghetto to tell two fathers about the deaths of their sons he realizes one of the natives had killed his parents.
Episode 3: Released on March 19, 2013. 42 pages. When the Ananke fathers learn their sons could have been saved but weren’t because of mistakes by the humans, Matt stops a potential uprising by participating in an ancient Ananke ceremony.
Episode 4: Released on April 2, 2013. 41 pages. Matt discovers the Ananke are being harvested for their organs and sets out to gather evidence against the humans responsible…even though one is his wife’s doctor.

This book is a Kindle Serial. Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes, with future episodes delivered at no additional cost. This serial currently contains four episodes out of an estimated seven total episodes, and new episodes will be delivered every two weeks.

My opinion:

I LOVE this book. Which says a lot, because SciFi type stuff usually isn’t my cup of tea. I usually like romance. I read this book within an hour. Which says a lot with kids! I couldn’t put it down. It kept my attention through the whole thing. I was constantly wondering what is going to happen next. I loved how everything kind of made a full circle. Through out the book you learn how two worlds can come together, be it by butting heads or not. Either way the key is having a person who has the morals and who doesn’t JUDGE to make it work! Some things we need to remember now!!

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