The Game of THINGS #2019WOMRHoliday
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The Game of THINGS #2019WOMRHoliday

With the cold weather coming, I have been on the search for new games to add to our game collection since we spend a lot more time playing when it’s cold out. Anyways I ran across this really fun game that is hilarious to play and is sure to provide you with hours of laughs. The Game of THINGS is so fun and easy to play and is sure to add some spice to your game night. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

This game is made for ages 14+ however we went through and took out any questions we didn’t deem appropriate and played this as a family with our younger kids and it was fun. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers people come up with. We love this game because there is no right or wrong, just pure fun and laughs.

If you are a game family or know anyone that is then this would be a great gift for them. We have gifted this to some friends already that had a blast playing it at our last game night when they were at our house.

We even lost track of time playing and ended up playing for several hours just because everyone was having a good time and it was nice to find a game where you could relax and just have fun and share a laugh. If you like those sorts of games then this one is one that you really need to add to your game library, I assure you that you really won’t regret it.

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