The Benefits of Weighted Blankets
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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

While the idea of a blanket is typically associated with warmth, weighted blankets serve a variety of useful purposes for both children and adults. While such blankets do provide the same comforts as their traditional counterparts, they are also known for reducing certain symptoms of physical, psychological and developmental disorders.

Weighted Blankets Ease Some Physical Conditions

One of the most common uses of the weighted blanket involves easing the pain of conditions like fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. In fact, weighted blankets have even been useful in alleviating some of the general pain that adults encounter as they age. While decreasing physical pain is a common use of weighted blankets, they are also gaining popularity among individuals with psychological or developmental disorders and their caregivers.

Weighted Blankets and Non-Physical Disorders

Although weighted blankets are excellent for individuals who simply love the idea of being wrapped in a perpetual hug, those suffering from issues related to insomnia, ADHD and PTSD related to certain types of accidents or assaults often benefit from using one. Whether the blanket is used to improve mood, lessen anxiety or promote a feeling of calmness for people living with such issues, its effectiveness is increasingly well-documented.

Swaddling: Not Just for Infants

While using weighted blankets is not identical to the swaddling of a baby, they do tend to foster feelings of safety and comfort in the user. Adults often struggle to find the kind of peace that infants enjoy when they are appropriately wrapped and held close, but a weighted blanket may help them to reclaim a similar feeling.

How to Choose Between Weighted Blankets

As with most products, choosing the right weighted blanket may require a bit of research. For instance, consumers will need to select the appropriate blanket for their body size. Weighted blankets should be roughly 10 percent of the user’s body weight; this consideration is particularly important for children, as too much weight could be uncomfortable or even hazardous to a youngster who is still very small. Also referred to as Mosaic Weighted Blankets, there are plenty of size charts available online to help consumers select the appropriate weight.

Putting Weighted Blankets to Work

Regardless of whether consumers are considering a weighted blanket for a health condition like restless leg syndrome, enjoy the idea of treating chronic pain without resorting to medication or simply hope to ease some of the symptoms of certain developmental disorders in their children, the blanket may be a worthwhile purchase. Future owners of weighted blankets should take the time to research brands and understand the unique sizing involved when purchasing their blanket.

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