Ten Spring Water That Refreshes
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Ten Spring Water That Refreshes

Ten Spring Water is the perfect electrolyte spring water. If you are looking for water that is non-flavored, non-sparkling, but can give you a little electrolyte then this would be the one for you. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Guidelines.

Ten Spring Water

About Ten Spring Water:

  1. TEN Water is 10ph and the #3 alkaline brand in the country
  2. 10pH water, rich in alkaline minerals and electrolytes 
  3. Sourced from natural springs (Appalachian Mountains)
  4. TEN is also available in bottles (multi-packs) and jugs
  5. Endorsed by major athletes, teams, and celebrities
  6. In major US retail grocers, Amazon and coming soon to Whole Foods 
Ten Spring Water

My Thoughts:

This water is perfect for the summer. It is cool, crisp, and has great taste. It’s perfect for those that do sports because it has electrolytes and it hydrates. It really quenches your thirst. The best thing is when you come in after the hot day and you open a cold can of TEN Spring Water the first thing you get is a refreshing taste. Nothing feels better than that. If you don’t believe me you could even ask my husband and he is hard to please.

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