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No More Tears With Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

Bathing the girls has been a challenge lately. Especially Zoey. She hates getting water in her eyes. This past week that has stopped all because of Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail.

nuby tear free rinse pail

About Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail:

“The Tear-Free Rinse Pail is another great Nûby™ product designed to make bath time easier and more enjoyable for you and your little one. It features a comfortable grip for mom, a deep, slender base for easy filling in shallow water and a unique tear-free edge. The tear-free edge is soft and contoured so it can be gently placed against your baby’s skin to help prevent water from running into your baby’s eyes while rinsing their hair.”

nuby tear free rinse pail

My Thoughts:

This thing is pretty neat. It’s for sure a lot easier to use than a cup. The handle makes it easy to grip and hold on to. The size of the base makes it really easy to fill. Especially in shallow water. I also like that it’s big enough to hold plenty of water to make rinsing their hair out a lot easier and quicker!  Zoey’s favorite part is the  tear free edge that is soft and will form to her head. The soft edge helps prevent water getting into their eyes. I know that really has made Zoey O happy. Nuby’s Tear Free Rinse pail has made bath time a lot easier, funnier, and a whole less of a challenge!! Score for me!

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