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Teach Your Children Important Lessons with Zonderkidz Books

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It’s nothing new that I like books and so do my kids. That’s why I was pretty excited to get a chance to work with Zonerkidz again. This time I got a chance to review three different books: Pirates on the Farm, The Circle Maker for Kids, and The Berenstain Bears Faithful Cubs.

About The Circle Maker:


 “THE CIRCLE MAKER FOR KIDS illuminates Batterson’s popular teachings through the ancient legend of Honi the Circle Maker, a first-century Jewish sage whose bold prayers saved a generation. The tale of Honi, which Batterson describes in greater detail in The Circle Maker, exemplifies the power of prayer and encourages readers to dream big, pray hard and think long; in other words, pray with persistence, focus and faith. According to the legend, the Israelites had given up on their faith during a devastating, year-long drought. As a final act of desperation, they called upon Honi, a rumored rainmaker living outside of Jerusalem. While a parade of people watched, Honi stood upon the Temple mount, drew a circle in the sand, and prayed emphatically for rain. Caparo’s bold illustration of children celebrating as the skies open up and rain falls upon their families will excite and inspire even the youngest readers. Honi’s act was considered nothing short of a miracle, but Batterson believes that it was simply the power of prayer. Expertly tailoring key themes from The Circle Maker to beginner readers, Batterson packs his message into a colorful picture book. He incorporates simple, easy-to-read prose and Caparo’s vivid artwork that shines with hues of purple and orange on every page. THE CIRCLE MAKER FOR KIDS will give children an unforgettable image of prayer, lay a foundation for a lifetime of faith, and teach them Batterson’s invaluable lesson – that “God honors bold prayers, because bold prayers honor God.”

About The Berenstain Bears Faithful Cubs:

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“Brother and Sister Bear must tear themselves away from the TV when Mama Bear insists that watching too much will turn their brains to mush in Discover God’s Creation.  Once they pry themselves away from the small screen, the siblings step outside and are instantly captivated by God’s beautiful world—the enormous trees, soft grass, and even the buzzing bees! The two get so wrapped up in nature that they forget all about their shows! Readers will too, once they learn that they could be missing out on all God has created in this wonderful world.  In Do Their Best, the lesson for children is ‘substance over style.’ When the cubs are determined to enter—and win—the Big Kite Contest, Papa Bear helps them construct a kite from sticks, strings and glue. Mama Bear even provides a bed sheet to use as the tail. Brother and Sister think they’re major contenders for the big prize.  That is, until the Bear family arrives at the competition. The cubs feel discouraged once they see all the amazing kites the other contestants are flying, which are more sophisticated than their homemade kite. But Papa is not worried at all. He reminds his cubs—and readers—that sometimes the best things are not always the fanciest.  Finally, in Learn to Share, Sister Bear is so engrossed in having fun on her own that she forgets an important lesson about allowing others into her world. The happy-go-lucky sibling is having a great time playing games, skipping, and climbing trees by herself, but she doesn’t invite others to join her. She soon begins to ask herself whether her actions are fair, which leads to her change of heart as she starts to share and play with others.  Sister Bear becomes a role model for her peers when she reminds them that God would want them all to share. With three timeless tales, THE BERENSTAIN BEARS FAITHFUL CUBS is the perfect choice for parents who seek new and entertaining ways to teach their children invaluable Christian and family lessons.”

About Pirates on the Farm:


“The author, with the help of New York Times bestselling illustrator Gene Barretta, welcomes young readers to a modest farm community that boasts of southern charm and bountiful harvests. But when five swashbuckling pirates move into town, everyone is shocked. The new residents create a racket when they build a barn that resembles a pirate ship.  They steal from the offering plate at church and seem to turn any regular activity—like milking a cow—into a natural disaster. Many of the neighbors, including Mrs. Sanders, are aghast at the pirates’ behavior. Mrs. Sanders even organizes a “Ban the Buccaneers Brigade.” Meanwhile, the men in the Sanders family—Dad and Joey—help the pirates with their land and embrace their distinctly different lifestyle. Joey is delighted when the men invite themselves to dinner, much to the dismay of his mother. Imagine Mrs. Sanders’ face when the men bring over crusty cheese and fish stew containing eyeballs! At the core of this tale is an eye-opening lesson that Mom—and the readers—learn by the end of the book. While these pirates are unlike most people in town, they are compassionate and friendly. The pirates even give the family beautiful gifts when they arrive for New Year’s Eve dinner. The book concludes with a glossary of key pirate terms and phrases used, along with discussion questions for readers to consider. ”

My Thoughts:

I am personally all for things that are fun to read but also educational. My favorite  book to read to my children was the Berenstain Bears. Mainly because Berenstain Bears were books that I read when I was younger, so it brought me back to childhood. The thing is I personally don’t remember thinking about the lesson in the books. I remember them being fun and enjoyable to read. Which is still true to this day. Except when I read the book to my kids I pointed out the lesson at the end. Zonderkidz took all the hard work out for me. In every book there is a lesson to be learned. In the Pirates on The Farm they provide discussion points for us parents. It made everything super easy for me.  It’s important for me to teach them life lessons, and sometimes it’s not always easy for me to put them in words. That’s what I love about Zonderkidz.

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  1. Thanks for a great review and list of books to share with my children. I will look for these the next time I’m at the library or on Amazon!

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