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Taming A Horse- Expert Advice For First-Time Riders

If you are a horse lover, your first ride is likely to be the most exciting and memorable experience. But it is also full of perils because you know little about these animals. It takes courage and confidence to saddle up, but little preparation takes you a long way. You can easily tame a horse if you know the basics of equine behavior and training. It is worth making an effort because your experience can be safe and stress-free with just some understanding and guidance. Here is some helpful advice from experts to first-time riders. 

Gear up properly

It sounds surprising, but even wearing the proper attire for riding ensures safety and comfort. Jeans and boots are the best time, and you must not miss out on a safety helmet. First-timers should be extra careful about head protection because it can be a lifesaver if you end up having a nasty fall. Veteran riders emphasize the importance of a helmet and recommend that you should wear one even as you gain more experience with riding.

Taming A Horse

Prioritize proper posture

A proper riding posture is a key to a safe ride. It keeps you relaxed, and the animal replicates the behavior. Remember to sit up straight and ensure that your ear, shoulder, and heels are in a straight line. Maintain the posture throughout the ride, and you will be able to keep balance in the saddle. A good posture keeps the rider and the horse comfortable throughout, so it should be your top priority. 

Seek some inspiration

When you are a newbie with equines, some inspiration definitely helps. Talk to seasoned horse owners and beginners who have just taken their first rides. Read books and blogs to get more on riding tips. You can watch Clinton Anderson horse videos for more inspiration. Reading and watching instructional videos makes you more confident and clears apprehensions about your first ride.

Go step by step

The best piece of advice for a new rider when taming a horse is to take things slowly at the start. Never try to go full throttle during your first ride as it only puts you at risk of injury. You can only walk the horse casually because gaining speed requires a good understanding of the animal’s temperament. It makes sense to build your bonding with the equine and work on your skill, and speeding can wait till later. 

Have a trainer around

When you sit on the saddle for the first time, having a trainer around is a good idea. A seasoned trainer can act as a mentor for you and keep a check on the horse’s behavior as you are taming a horse. The professionals can also evaluate the animal and identify a rowdy one, so you can skip the wrong equine for your first ride. Having someone knowledgeable to guide you makes you feel safe and confident as well.  

Your first riding experience should be a memorable one, and it is easy to ensure that it goes in the right direction. Safety should be your priority, and the rest will happen without much work.