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Taking Posy Lane duffle bag a long to games!

My son is in Kindergarten and is slowly getting into sports activities. He played football. Now he is playing basketball and soon he will be playing soccer. Outside of my son I have a 4-year-old and 1-year-old. I am use to carry a diaper bag around with everything I need for the little one. However after my first couple experiences of sports activities I rudely had a wake up call on how much stuff he needed as well. I began to carry his stuff in a Wal-Mart bag. However he informed that wasn’t cool! Go figure. That’s why I feel in love with Posy Lane!


All three of my kids have unique spelling names where it’s a constant struggle for me to find things with their names on it. Posy Lane specializes in personalized ink stamps. They have TONS of items that you can get personalized. Seeing how my son has a long future of playing sports ahead of him I decided to get a  personalized duffle bag. I was very impressed with the duffle bag when I opened it. It had plenty of space for his water bottle, shoes, and clothes. The duffle bag was very sturdy. I tested it out by putting several books into it. It did not tear or acted like it wanted to.  I love the fact that it has his name on it, because it’s less likely that  his stuff will get mixed up with everyone else. It’s very cute and as my son says cool! In fact he won’t let me carry it in. He tells me it has his name on it and it’s for him to carry.


I love having things with my kids name on it. It gives them something that’s unique to them and special. Something that they will always have. Posy Lane provides several items that I can do that with.The duffle bags isn’t just limited to boys. They also have a wide variety of cute girls one. They are cute, sturdy, and useful. Although I use mine for my sons sports equipment  There are tons of other ways to use them. How will you use one??


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3 thoughts on “Taking Posy Lane duffle bag a long to games!

  1. I have been on the look out for a bag that would work for my son, since his name is spelled a little different than the norm Gavon…. it’s hard to find something personalized for him. This type of bag looks perfect. =)

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