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Tailgate with McCormick Grill Mates

This is a sponsored post. As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.


Football season is fully underway. That means it’s tailgating season!!! Now, our house is full-out Kansas City Chiefs fans. We were Chiefs fans when they were 2-14 last season, back when we didn’t have  an O-line and our wide receivers only jobs were to run fast and look pretty. We went through a shake up, new everything, and Whooo hooo, we have a team. One thing we have always had, through thick and thin, is FANS! We KNOW how to tailgate. I mean, we don’t hold the record for the loudest stadium in the Geniuses book of World Record for nothing, right? And we have BBQ. Kansas City style!
McCormick Grill mates are a staple in our house from training camp until the super bowl, which is football season, and then from February until training camp which is getting ready for football season. Just like our favorite teams, we have to have an off-season to practice, right?!?
I decided to give the Tailgating toolkit a whirl.
It came with
·         McCormick Grill Mates samples
·         Elizabeth Karmel’s Pecan Wood Smoking Chips
·         A Sur La Table Basting Brush and Locking Flexi Skewers
·         I Love BBQ oven mitts
I have decided that BBQ oven mitts are a must for all tailgating parties from now on. The pecan wood chips are perfect for that smoky flavor KC BBQ is famous for. Of course, McCormick Grill mates are amazing. It takes the guess-work out of making that perfect BBQ, and it makes me look good when friends come over to watch their teams gets beat by my Chiefs!

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