19 Jul, 2024

Viva Vantage Paper Towels & Glass Cleaner Equals Crystal Clear Mirrors

This post is sponsored by Viva Vantage and Walmart, but my opinion for their stretchy towels is all my own! Dear Plain Jane Paper Towels,  It’s with a sadden heart that I am writing this to you but I am breaking up with you. I have had it up to here with you leaving fuzz behind every time I […]

2 mins read

Support Local Manufacturing with Rickshaw Bags

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are still my own!  Small-town America…where has it gone?  Nearly extinct are the mom and pop stores of yore.  These remind us of a simpler time; a time when small communities were nearly self-sufficient.  Having been a citizen of small communities my entire life, I can appreciate the regular guys […]

3 mins read