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Tackle the world of stains with Dreft

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

I have three children who do not understand the meaning of eat over your plate, use a napkin, or don’t play in dirt with your good clothes on. Does that sound familiar? If so you are use to tackling stains just as much as I am. One thing that I have found that has helped is Dreft Stain Remover!! (My Best friend!!)

Tackle the world of stains with Dreft

About Dreft:

It’s true: Stains prevent people from telling you how cute your baby is. That’s why Dreft Laundry Stain Remover has an advanced cleaning formula that can help lift stains and odors from infant and children clothing and fabrics, so your little cutie can look its super-cutest.

My Thoughts:

We all know how messy babies can be whether at home or away. That is why I love Dreft spray stain remover and pretreater stain pen. Both have been excellent to use. I like to carry the pen to use on stains immediately that are bad, like a diaper explosion or a food disaster. Either way, both of these products are excellent to use on all of your babies clothing and bedding items. I even gave the pen to my Nephew and his wife when they had their first baby, and they carry it in the diaper bag so it’s always with them if they need it.

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