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Support Local Manufacturing with Rickshaw Bags

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Small-town America…where has it gone?  Nearly extinct are the mom and pop stores of yore.  These remind us of a simpler time; a time when small communities were nearly self-sufficient.  Having been a citizen of small communities my entire life, I can appreciate the regular guys who try to make a difference in the lives of a few; focusing on how they can serve those around them rather than bowing down to the almighty dollar.  In this author’s opinion, it is imperative that we not lose our small-town values.  While this country was founded on progress, we must not leave behind those aspects of our culture that have allowed us to strive as a nation.

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Let me use an example of a town near where I grew up.  A large retail chain (that shall remain nameless) moved into the community despite widespread protest.  Within a year, four businesses that had served the community for over fifty years, were forced to shut their doors for good.  Several more businesses have also had to follow suit in the years since.  I cannot begin to describe the impact this had on the families of those who were left without work.  While more jobs were provided by the new business, it was a small fraction compared to the number it took away.

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Sadly, many a similar story exists in the Unites States today.  We have grown to where we are by helping each other out.  I personally have no problem whatsoever paying a little more to support a local business rather than continuing the cycle of pumping money into corporate conglomerates who have no roots in the communities in which they exist.  In many instances, these types of corporations run out enough competing businesses that people have to work there in order to have employment.  This gives them the power to pay people extremely low wages in order to drive up their profits even more.  It is a never-ending cycle that affects more and more communities each year.

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Many of these corporations also have many of their products manufactured overseas in order to cut costs even more and drive up profits to astounding levels.  Again, they pay these individuals in other countries low wages so that the cycle can continue.  It’s for these reasons that Americans should buy local and support small business.  I often wonder what kind of world we will be leaving the younger generation; however, values are something we can continue to pass down if we make it a priority within our individual families.

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A good example of local manufacturing is Rickshaw Bags.  You can tell that the owners of Rickshaw Bags really value their local community. They strive to help the community in many ways. One way they help out the local community is by making their bags out of recycled water bottles. The also open their factories to the public. That way you can personally see what’s going on. Although the bags are made with recycled material they are still top quality and you can customize them as well. With Christmas just around the corner I can strongly recommend Rickshaw bags as a gift!

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