Super Moms – 6 Secrets of Successful Working Mothers
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Super Moms – 6 Secrets of Successful Working Mothers

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Modern moms do it all – work, help with homework, have dinner on the table and keep the mess to a (hopefully) reasonable level. With more mothers navigating the return to the office while keeping the home fires burning, there are a few essential steps to keep life running smoothly. If you are wondering how working mothers manage to get everything done, here are a few of the secrets to being a super mom:


  • Make sure you have great childcare!


This one is KEY. A reliable support system means that you can be confident that your children are engaged and entertained while you are at work. An excellent childcare service allows them to develop essential social, emotional and fine motor skills, learn through play in a safe environment and start to follow flexible routines. When choosing a childcare service, make sure that you feel comfortable with the educators, the center set-up and the programs they use. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your children’s well-being while you are at work.

  1. Teamwork

Hold a team meeting with your partner and kids and figure out how everyone can pitch in. Try choosing age-appropriate chores for every member of the household. Young children love to help unpack the dishwasher, put clothes away and set the table. Setting expectations early regarding the allocation of chores helps the whole household transition into the new routine.

  1. Have a plan

Just like when you are running a business, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Try implementing a schedule to keep things in check and save on mental workload. Sheets on Monday, dusting on Tuesday and never leave the house without clearing the table and wiping down the bench. Many moms find it useful to put together a meal plan, or even cook in bulk and freeze meals, so they are ready to go.

  1. Pack everything the night before

As a mother, you know that invariably one shoe goes missing right as you are about to go out the door. To avoid someone losing their gym shorts on the morning of the athletics carnival, make sure the whole household gets into the habit of packing their bags before bed each night.

  1. Find time for yourself

Studies have shown how becoming a mother transforms and challenges a woman’s identity. This process continues as the mother then returns to work. It is common for women to question whether they are doing enough at home and work. Sometimes, going for a walk, having a quiet 15 minutes alone to drink a coffee or taking time to read a magazine can help you recalibrate and feel like yourself again.

  1. Learn to be 100% present wherever you are

As a multi-tasking working mother, it is essential to learn how to focus entirely on the task at hand. At work, you need to run on maximum efficiency to get the job done. At home, be present for story time. Take time to listen to the complex tale of what happened at the playground today. Snuggle for 5 minutes before bedtime. It can be challenging not to check your phone to see if that important email has come through but learning to allocate time to each area of your time allows you to enjoy that moment.

Juggling work and home life can feel overwhelming at times. But with a bit of planning and teamwork, you will find your balance between work and home life. And remember, every sleek, successful super mom is a bit like a duck – serene on the surface, legs frantically paddling below.

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