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Summer Beauty Products Must Have

Summer is here and this heat is killing my skin. I couldn’t stand my dry skin and went on a hunt to find something that I could add to my routine to help. I have found several and wanted to share them with you. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Dr. Danielle’s Delicious Vegan D3 + B12 Gummies are made from Vegan Lichen and bioactive B12 Methylcobalamin. Few food sources in nature offer vitamin D and most D3 on the market is sourced from lanolin—lamb’s wool fat. Dr Danielle’s gummies offer cellular support with a yummy, chewable gummy, naturally flavored with Strawberry.

In awe of the restorative power of plants and the dynamic principles of herbal medicine, Plants By People set out to transform ancient knowledge for modern lifestyle, developing flavor-packed beverage blends to support balance and wellness – and make you feel good inside.

Now to everyone’s favorite plants… fruit! Tamalitoz by Sugarox are a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico! It’s a fruity ribbon-style candy, filled with a mild chili lime seasoning. The fruits grown in Mexico and sold at fruit carts were the inspiration behind each of their flavors. All their candy is naturally flavored and colored. Nothing artificial here. Try all 10 sweet and tangy flavors! 
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Grow thicker, healthier hair effortlessly while you watch TV, take a walk, or read a book. The Kiierr Laser Cap is a simple, hands-free way to get your beautiful hair back in just 30 minutes every other day!
The lavender scent will soothe and calm your baby and the trusted ingredients will leave your baby’s skin noticeably soft and moisturized. Baby Magic’s formula is tear-free, free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dye to keep your baby safe.

Let’s face it, teen boys appreciate a streamlined grooming routine with minimal steps. Everywhere Wash is a teen acne treatment that is gentle and effective for the face and body. It’s a body wash made with sodium hypochlorite. Everywhere Wash is an acne solution for teens. 

Lollipetals adhesive pasties are satiny smooth, superbly functional, and above all, stunningly stylish. Our original, gentle adhesive is designed for a softer application with a moderate stick best for sensitive skin. Made from the highest quality silicone, Lollipetals apply seamlessly to your skin and are reusable for multiple applications

Nothing is sweeter than babies’ soft cuddles. Maintain cuddly, soft skin and replenish moisture with Moisturizing Baby Lotion, enriched with nourishing Calendula, hydrating Coconut Oil, and soothing Aloe to help seal in moisture so your sweet buttercup can have soft, healthy skin.

Raising the next generation of human beings isn’t easy, and the job often comes with a lot of stress and pain. At CBD Living, stress and pain relief is what we do best, and we’re spreading the word to hard-working parents such as yourself.
CBD Living Relaxing At-Home Spa Kits are the perfect way for a tired parent to relax and have some “me time.” Each curated kit contains a bath bomb, bath salts, lotion and soap in one of four luxurious scents (Relaxing Lavender, Soothing Eucalyptus, Refreshing Coconut Lime and Zenful Amber Bergamot).

Truffles conjure up images of a gourmet delicacy but did you know they also have wonderful anti-aging benefits? It’s the powerhouse ingredient for a brand that turns back the clock on aging skin. Truffoire is a luxury skincare brand helping people around the world feel better and look gorgeous. Its anti-aging products stand out for their use of truffles and research-proven results.

The desire to deliver what is nearest yet forgotten – the bounty of nature and all its richness is what Food Story is setting out to do! Experience the visible benefits of superfoods for super skin, hair, and body. Food Story’s mission is to continuously invest and develop infusing advanced technologies with the nutritional benefits provided by the food that grows from the earth into skincare! Harvesting only the freshest for you.

Give your skincare routine some extra love with the purposeful products from Hope Soap this spring! This small business is passionate about making high-quality, natural skincare, haircare, and home goods to fuel their support of the local homeless community. For every item sold, they give a bar of soap to someone in need through The Love Truck, a non-profit organization working to assist the homeless in Akron, OH. Providing hope for your skin, and hope for someone in need!
Oh It’s Natural’s founder was inspired by herbal recipes and natural plant ingredients to craft simple, organic, and gentle solutions to treat her adult acne and decided to turn it into her own business! Plus, all the products are cruelty-free and vegan. All feature USDA-certified organic ingredients such as hemp seed oil and aloe vera superfoods.
These are just a few of my favorite beauty products out there. I know there are TONS more products out there. I would love to hear about your favorite beauty routine and products. Just leave me a comment and tell me.