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Storage and Other Considerations When Moving Home

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful things we can do. So, why do we put ourselves through it? Well, sometimes we need to move to follow a job opportunity or simply need a bigger house to accommodate our growing family. The necessity will outweigh the stress that we expect. Although, we can make it less stressful by planning our house move by thinking about just how we will deal with all our items.

For a moving and resource guide, you’ve come to the right place. You will then have at your disposal some useful tips.


Our number one problem when moving home is how to deal with all the items most effectively, we have accumulated during our time at the other house. All these items now need to be carefully thought about when it comes to whether we want them to be sent to the new house or not. To help us in those decisions, though, we have storage facilities at our disposal that can hold the items for us throughout the moving process.

To be able to separate the items for either storage or moving early is one approach to being better organized for our move. Another is to move and then decide what boxes not to open and send straight to storage. As long as they are well labelled, this approach will work. Ideally, we should think in advance and will have already put those kinds of things into storage. It is worth paying for storage for longer to make moving easier. In any case, you might decide to keep those items in storage for longer still.

Giving Notice

You must think about all the people that you need to give notice to when you are moving house. You will invariably miss someone. Perhaps if we list a few of them it might help you to include them.

The people we might need to give notice to about our move could include landlords, those that we pay to clean or maintain our house, utility services, and the postal service. You can have mail diverted from your old address to a new property for a while, and at a cost, but it is best to tell everyone with as much notice as you can about your new address. That way, mail will not end up being delayed when it might be important and need dealing with promptly.

Make a Plan of Your New Home

It is good to have in front of you a plan that you have made of the new home you are going to be moving into. You can then, with a sketched floorplan, prepare for where everything is to be accommodated. This will help with storage and knowing what will be coming with you on the day or needs filtering into your storage facility ready for your move.

A plan of your new home should include the layout of rooms and their sizes. Also, the size of windows so that curtains can be sorted. It can be good to make arrangements with the previous house owner to leave certain fixtures behind that will probably not be useful to them in their new home anyway. These can be considered when a fair price for the house is negotiated.

To conclude, moving house means planning, and storage is something we should consider dealing with the numbers of items we have gathered over the months and years. It is important to consider, too, all those that need good notice of your move, trying not to miss anybody out that might be inconvenienced. You want to leave with your reputation intact. After all, you might want to come back and visit old friends. 

Finally, make a sketch of your new home’s interiors and rooms so that you can start working out where various items will go. That way, you will have a better idea about which ones to put into storage at an earlier stage. It is about already knowing the space of your previous home and juxtaposing it with your new one using precise measurements that are easily obtainable in advance with some forethought and information from your real estate agent.