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Stay on Top of Sickness with this Dr. Mom Printable



Dr. Mom

Cold and flu season is here, and with 4 kids in the house, let me tell you, keeping track of symptoms, medications, and temperatures is not easy! Especially if several children are sick at the same time! I created this handy printable chart to make keeping track of how everyone is doing on a sick day super easy.

This printable is awesome for referring to when you need to call the doctor, and also for keeping on track with medication times and doses as well as tracking symptoms. Keeping sick kids hydrated is so important, so I added a section to track hydration as well!

This is a completely free printable that I am thrilled to share with you to help make your job as Dr. Mom a little more organized! Please print as many as you like, pin it for later and maybe even share it with a friend that is caring for sick children!

If you have a tip, trick or hack to share with other parents to help them stay on top of things during cold and flu season, please leave a comment below!

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