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Cold and flu season is here, and with 4 kids in the house, let me tell you, keeping track of symptoms, medications, and temperatures is not easy! Especially if several children are sick at the same time! I created this handy printable chart to make keeping track of how everyone is doing on a sick day super easy.

This printable is awesome for referring to when you need to call the doctor, and also for keeping on track with medication times and doses as well as tracking symptoms. Keeping sick kids hydrated is so important, so I added a section to track hydration as well!

This is a completely free printable that I am thrilled to share with you to help make your job as Dr. Mom a little more organized! Please print as many as you like, pin it for later and maybe even share it with a friend that is caring for sick children!

If you have a tip, trick or hack to share with other parents to help them stay on top of things during cold and flu season, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you again for this, I love this idea and I know my daughter will get use of this for her children.

  2. Thank you. That is a super useful printable. Trying to keep track of symptoms- and medications- when you have multiple sick ones in a household- can be challenging.

  3. When I was raising children a good while ago, I didn’t have a computer, let a lone a printer. I had 4 children also. What I used to do was write the time and meds I gave them on the calendar that I hung on my refrigerator. I shared this printable on my Social Media pages. It’s a handy chart. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is very useful! Elderberry syrup is a great tip! Give it regularly. The kiddos love it because its sweet!

  5. Great idea for keeping track of things. I hav used an app for tracking temperatures before but this would be easier when around the house.

  6. What a great reference item! This record will be very helpful for your own reference as well as gathering information for the doctor.

  7. I have a child with a genetic deletion and this printable is just like how I keep track. Usually in Nov until late Feb we get the flu around here. I am vitural schooling my kido even though her school has a hybrid option. I am very lucky to be able to stay at home with her. I would print this off and add it to her medical binder what a great idea.

  8. Very useful and helpful! Great for my mom too who writes down when she takes something as some of her meds are like every 4 hours such as inhalers and nebulizers. Thank you.

  9. Wow, wish I had this when my kids were little. However now with grandchildren it is definitely a handy tool for parents to keep track of things. Definitely sharing with my son and his wife.

  10. This is a wonderful guide to help you track illness and to help figure out when it started and what is working when the symptoms improve or go away. I like the hydration counter, too, and popsicles count as fluids.

  11. Very helpful. Even great for my parents as my mom writes down what time they take medicine on scrap paper because they can’t remember exactly what time they took or when due. Thank you!

  12. That is a wonderful idea. I need all the help that I can get with staying organized.

  13. I wish I had seen something like this when my daughter was a baby as well as the nieces and nephews I helped raise. It would be something I’ll definitely pass on to the new mothers I know. It’ll help them out alot.

  14. This is a really helpful chart to keep track of symptoms and medicines!Thanks for sharing this!

  15. What a great idea! It would be great to take the doctor or hospital. Thanks for posting!

  16. Thank you very much. I will be sharing this with my daughter for mygranddaughter.

  17. What a great tool to keep track of medication doses and symptoms of illness. This will come in handy if a trip to the doctor becomes necessary.

  18. i love this chart ! so glad i seen this will be printing this out. we both have been fighting a chest infection for 2 weeks it went away and started with a come back this morning in both of us !

  19. Good to keep track and write down things to remind yourself. Prevention of sickness getting out of hand is ensuring.

  20. Thank you for sharing this! This is so wonderful. I often find myself scratching my head when the pediatrician is asking for these types of answers. With this sickness sheet I’ll be prepared to answer those questions with clarity!

  21. Boy this is great to have. We watch our grandchildren frequently and often catch what they have going on. This is goo to know where they are at health wise for their parents when they get off work .

  22. This is a neat printable! It would awesome to have to take with you if you have to take your little ones to the doctor… easy way to keep track of everything.

  23. This will come in useful for my 3 year old and for me when we get sick! We seem to get sick most often. My 14 year old and husband hardly ever get sick!

  24. I know things are always chaotic when illness hits this home. Schedules are thrown off and worry sometimes makes me forget, so this is great to have. A way to stay organized and have all information in front of me.

  25. This would surely come in handy..Someone in our family always seems to be getting sick

  26. This would be fantastic for any ER runs or doctor appts! I’m going to have to share this!

  27. This printable is a great idea. Passing it along to the other parents I know..

  28. I have to share this with my daughter. It is hard keeping track of meds especially when more than 1 person is taking them. That seems to be the case when germs get into the house.

  29. I wish I would have had a chart like this when I had influenza in March. I wound up in immediate care twice and once in the ER. I was so ill and confused and it would have helped my husband as he cared for me.

  30. The printable would be very useful. It is very important to stay on top of sickness.

  31. Yes! So many times I feel helpless when the kids are sick, and this helps me take some control.

  32. I love this! Thank you for the printout. It will make things so much easier when someone in the house is sick!

  33. This is a great idea.
    My sister and her 2 kids came to visit a couple weeks ago…for a week. And sure enough, Poof!, all of us were sick by the time they left. LOL! 🙂

  34. This is a marvelous way to keep track pf temperature when the babies are sick!

  35. This is an awesome printable! It makes it so easy to keep track of everything.

  36. This is a good way to keep information organized when kids are sick. Thanks for sharing.

  37. That printable is awesome. I always forget to tell the doctor certain things & this would be great to take in.

  38. The chart is so good to have when taking care of numerous children, being ill yourself and needing to report to the doctor

  39. My tip is to make sure and record when and how much medication you give your child.

  40. Unfortunately I ‘m the one sick! I’d rather it is me than my kids though. Using a lot of lysol! 😃

  41. Very helpful, organizing things are good. Especially when sick, helps for a speedy recovery.

  42. This is a great idea. It is so easy to forget when we did what, or it is for me. This chart will eliminate having to remember.

  43. The medication log is an excellent idea! It is too easy to forget or to keep travk when there may be more than one person caring for a child.

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