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Star Wars Cereal is Bringing Back Breakfast in Style #StarWarsCereal

Today’s post is sponsored by General Mills, but my love for their Star Wars Cereal is all my own

Do your kids have Star Wars on their minds a lot these days? Mine sure do! Luckily they can start their days with #StarWars with for Breakfast! This is making my kids smile as they start the day and speculate about the box of Star Wars cereal they will get next.

Star Wars Cereal can be found at all major grocery stores and retailers across the country beginning June 1st. The cereal does feature the words “Limited Edition Box” but this references the package design that will change over time as the franchise and characters continue to evolve. 

Star Wars Cereal is Bringing Back Breakfast in Style #StarWarsCereal

Between June 2015 and June 2016, fans will be able to collect 6 limited edition boxes featuring different characters. The boxes will come out in pairs and each will feature a “light side” and “dark side” character. 

The first two package designs for Star Wars Cereal that will be released in June feature Yoda (light side character) and Darth Vader (dark side character). On the back of the package there is more fun! Kids can play the board game on the back of the Darth Vader package or take the Star Wars quiz on the back of the Yoda package to test their knowledge.

My kids love the cereal, and I am loving that I can get a $1 off coupon to help us save some money! The shapes are fun, they say it tastes really good and the games inside the box keep them happily having a #StarWarsCereal moment long after breakfast has ended!

If you have a fan in your house (husbands count, mine was wildly excited about this #StarWarsCereal) be sure to print the coupon and May the Force Be With You at Breakfast! Moms, a side note, you may need to instill a rule of no light sabers at the table! 


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