Stains!  Stains! Stains!
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Stains!  Stains! Stains!

Stains!  Stains! Stains!  Ok, well maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but just about everyone can relate to my frustration…especially moms!  No matter how careful you are, little ones will make messes, and when that happens…Mom to the rescue! There are countless products and methods for getting out stains and I have probably tried them all several times.  I have found it helps to lean on other moms and get advice from them on what works best for them. 

While different types of stains can have different methods for cleaning, you have to find something that works and is safe.  Being the mother of four precious little ones, I worry about the safety of cleaning products that I may use and how they will affect my family.  Whatever your method, stick to something that works for you to fight this never-ending battle! Happy cleaning!

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