Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas
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Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I always think it’s important to think ahead. The more prepared you are the better especially when it comes to adding on new little ones to the family. Baby shower’s are great. However, a lot of people tend to get the same things there. Stuff you would need for an infant. I know that’s the whole point…however I link to think out of the box a little. Again, thinking ahead. This is why I like to give them stuff they would need when the baby gets a little older. Tommee Tippee has tons of great ideas! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Insulated Sipper Tumbler: 

  • Insulated: Due to this, our insulated sipper tumblers will keep drinks stay cool, as well as your little ones happy and hydrated.
  • Easy Clean 2 Piece Valve: Each Insulated Sipper Tumbler is designed with a removable, two-piece, spill proof valve. The valve keeps mess to a minimum, is easy to clean but yet still easy to drink from.
  • Soft & Gentle: Your baby’s gums can be highly sensitive, especially when teeth, so our super soft spout is incredibly smooth and gentle in their tiny mouth.

Insulated Straw Tumbler: 

  • Insulated: Our insulated straw tumblers will keep drinks cool, as well as your little ones happy and hydrated.
  • Soft & Gentle: The super soft silicone straw found on our insulated straw tumblers is easy to drink from and are gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums.
  • No Spills: The straw of our insulated straw tumblers flips down between sips to help keep it clean stop unwanted spills.

Tuff Stuff Spout Tumbler: 

  • Insulated Cups: Standing, crawling, walking, running being a toddler can be hot and thirsty work, but this larger insulated cup keeps drinks nice and cool so your little one stays happy and hydrated all day.
  • For Independent Drinking: Chunky and durable, this is the perfect cup to grab as your little one explores their new world.
  • Cute Designs: Pink and Blue: Chose from a range of colors and cute animal designs to find the stainless steel tuff stuff cup that’s perfect for you and your little one!

Soft Tip Feeding Spoons: 

  • Perfect for Transitioning: Enjoy feeding your baby with our soft tip infant feeding spoons, designed to make your baby’s transition to solids easier. They’re super soft for tender gums, and come with long handles for getting right to the bottom of those little jars and storage pots.

My Thoughts:

I have used Tommee Tippee for a while now. I love them! Their products are always high quality, very sturdy, and very cute! Just look at these cups…aren’t they cute! They will make your little one stand out and they will be styling with their cool accessories already. Did I mention these cups being very sturdy? Trust me they are! Lee Lee has put them through several throwing tests. I don’t remember none of my other kids going through this stage, but he has. He throws everything the moment he is done with it. I think he will be good a disc throwing in track! LOL On top of being sturdy and cute they are also easy to clean! Quick too. Which we know is important to all moms!

The spoons are a must have as well! My 5-year-old still uses them. She loves how bright the colors are. They are perfect for little hands and getting into tiny spaces. We know how much a pain baby food jars can be. I know this may seem a little crazy but I think these would make great baby shower gift ideas! They are useful and cute. They will want them around!

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