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Spotlight Sponsor: Nomadic State Sandals

I always say every shoe has it’s own season. During the winter you will see me in my boots. During the fall and spring you will see me in my tennis shoes. Lastly during the summer you will see me in my sandals. No mater where I go I always have my sandals on. I am a huge fan of sandals. I don’t like to wear anything else. Nomadic State of Mind has some very unique sandals! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

I received the JC Sandal, Camel. These are one of kind! The original JC (traditional) rope sandal has a six cross strap design an a  adjustable back strap. These are made from hand! Outside of these cool sandals I find the story behind Nomadic State come too. “Nomadic” stems from the latin word “wanderer”. Then the company began out of a 69 vw office. The van was home, office, and factory.  How cool is that? Build an office, home, and factory out of a van. No wonder they chose Nomadic State as there name. Because if you consider what the name means and where the company began. It all makes sense!

Like I said I am a huge fan of sandals. These are one of my top choices. They are very comfy. I hate shoes that make my feet sweaty, and guess what? These don’t make my feet feel sweaty at all. During the summer my feet tend to sweal, so it’s hard to find shoes that I can wear when they aren’t and when they are. These do just that. With the adjustable back strap it makes it easy for me to wear during both times!

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