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Spotlight Sponsor: Just Think Toys

What is your child’s favorite time of the day? Mine is bath time. They could spend literally an hour at a time in the bath if I would let them.  More often then not bath time toys are usually just for fun and don’t encourage learning.


With Just Think Toys they offer water block toys that are used to help encourage a little imagination! If you stick the blocks into soap or shampoo suds it increases the stickiness so you can stick the blocks to the walls or other blocks.

I find it funny how the kids are more attracted to the simple things. The water block toys are just that. They leave a world of possibilities that encourage them to think, create, and explore.  I received their Cost Guard Set. Shockingly both my daughter and son loved playing with it.

The first time my kids played with their Just Think Toy: Water Blocks I really enjoyed watching them. The things they said and did you could tell their little minds were just spinning a mile a minute. It made me think and wonder where they think of the things they say! I love the imagination they have and love seeing it in action! If you do too then these toys are for you!

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