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Build A Bear Workshop

Growing up I always had my little friends with me. No matter where I went I had my favorite stuffed animal with me. Back then it was just a plain cow that a family friend gave me on my birthday. We didn’t have Build A Bear Workshop then. The Build A Bear Workshop is every kid’s dream. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!
Build A Bear Build A Bear Workshop is where your children can make a stuffed animal of their own. It’s simple. First, you pick out what animal you would like. Then you stuff the animal. During that time you can put a sound box in it. But before you seal up the animal you will make a wish on a heart and put it into the stuffed animal. Then you will pick out your new friend some clothes. Finally, you make a birth certificate. You can pick what day you want to celebrate your new friend’s birthday. Each of my children’s friends’ birthday is on that child’s birthday. My oldest has a Build-A Bear. My middle has a rabbit. My youngest has a sheep. You didn’t know they had a sheep did ya! 
The sheep is a part of their new Farmers’ Market Collection that is coming out May 4! The farm collection consists of a horse, cow, pig, and sheep. They are also carrying two small fries which will be a pig and a cow. Do you want a llama and billy goat? Just go visit Build A Bear online and order after May 4! And guess what? If you order more than $20 worth of stuff you will get a FREE Farmer’s Market reusable tote! 

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