Spiderman All the Way!
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Spiderman All the Way!

My youngest recently turned 3. So many big things started happening around this time. We enrolled him in preschool, he mastered the art of potty training, and most exciting of all, to him, is that he discovered Spiderman. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Spiderman is pretty cool for kids of all sizes and Zak knows that! What better way to make meals both at home and on the go exciting than to get Spiderman involved?

My son got to try out a selection of new Zak items. They have made meals at home, preschool and on the go more exciting for my little guy, and less exciting for me.

At home, keeping his area tidy at meal times is easier than ever with the Marvel comics plastic placemats. They are easy to clean, which I love. They are also colorful, which my son loves. Retailing at under $2, this is a great addition to mealtimes for little ones.

The stainless steel Spiderman flatware set makes dinner an exciting adventure for him. He loves having his own special dishes and I love that they engage him to keep him eating healthy foods!

For school, we love the stainless steel Spiderman water bottle. At under $14 this is a durable option for sending water to school. It is easy to open and close and perfect for little hands. It holds 15 ounces, making it good for a variety of kids.

The Marvel Comics reusable sandwich container gives me a great way to send healthy snacks for him, and reduce the mount of sandwich bags we use each week. This retails at under $5 and is durable, easy to clean and loads of fun for lunchtime!

Zak always has great options for kids! But, this time around, the kids can’t have all of the fun! I got my own awesome Spiderman tumbler. It has a sleek design, eye catching appearance and is perfectly designed to fit a cup holder or hand with ease.
I love that it keeps my drinks cold or hot, as I wish, and it holds 28 ounces, which is enough to keep me hydrated on the go! Retailing at under $27. I highly recommend this tumbler to anyone needing a good cup, like all the Zak products we have tried!

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