“While the snots at play, Boogie wipes wipe it away!”
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“While the snots at play, Boogie wipes wipe it away!”

Disclosure: I receive free samples as a part of the Saline Ambassadors program through Boogie Wipes. All opinions are my own!

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When we moved last summer I never knew how much it would affect our allergies. There are farms, dust, and dirt roads everywhere!! Allergies had really kicked my sons and my allergies. Needless to say I am pretty thankful that I am a Saline Ambassador. These Boogie Wipes has came in pretty handy!

As a Saline Ambassadors I get the privilege of teaming up with some great ladies to spread more awareness about Boogie Wipes. We do this a couple of ways. Through out the year they will send us a box full of samples. Our latest box included a wide range of samples from Boogie Wipes, Boogie Mist, Puffs Fresh Faces, and Kandoo products!  These are perfect for the whole family.  We are constantly handing out these  samples in our local communities. You never know where we will pop out. This time we decided to change things up and give you a chance to try out these boogie wipes for yourself by entering the giveaway below. That way you can see what the party is all about!!

About the Giveaway:

One lucky US reader will get a chance to win (2) 30 count packs with a handful of sachets. Ends 5/31/2014

 “While the snots at play, Boogie wipes wipe it away!”

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5 thoughts on ““While the snots at play, Boogie wipes wipe it away!”

  1. I have not tried using boogie wipes at all yet but would like to try them.

  2. I used them to clean the dust of my dashboard in my car once and also to wipe the ice cream spill we had. They were all I had handy.

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