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Snackeez: Drink and Snack Cup in One!

Disclosure:  I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.

snack cup

We have been on summer break for just about a month now. I am not honestly sure why they call it a break, because to me it seems busier. We have PeeWee games, T-Ball games, swimming lessons, ballet, tap, tumble, summer school, and lastly the summer reading program. On top of all that we are also moving, so needless to say we are on the go A LOT!! With a toddler and two younger kids you need to be prepared. Two things that are a must have are drinks and snacks. Snackeez has made it a lot easier for me to have these with my little ones.

Snack Cup

About Snackeez:

  • Clever design lets you hold a 16 oz. drink and your favorite snack, all in one hand
  • Seal perfectly to keep snacks fresh in the cup
  • Dishwasher safe

My Thoughts:

This cup was beyond perfect for us this summer. When we had games to attend I could not leave the house with out it or I would have a made little girl. She loved drinking and eating out of it. I bet a big part of her loving it had to do with how easy it was for her little hands to handle. So many times would I see her drop her cup or her snacks because she was trying to hold them both. She would get so frustrated because if it was her snack her snack would be gone. Unless I am not looking and she decides to pick one up and eat it off the ground. (That has happened a couple of times!) I loved how easy it made preparing the snacks and cups. It’s all in one spot. I don’t have to try to juggle everything. On top of being convenient and helpful it was also stylish. It didn’t look like a toddler cup to her. It look like a big kid cup, so it made her feel like one. They come apart pretty easy, so the clean up process is easy. My only complaint about these cups is I don’t have ones for the other two kids. They fight all the time about whose turn it is with the cup. I guess I will have to get more! 🙂

Snack Cup

Buy It:

Snackeez retails for just $9.99! To learn more and make your purchase, please visit the Snackeez website directly!

Snack Cup


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