7 Gifts To Encourage Self-Care For Friends Who Need It
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7 Gifts To Encourage Self-Care For Friends Who Need It

Shopping for the person who needs more self-care in their life can be a joy. Everything you find for them, you can also buy for yourself at the same time. The beauty of self-care is that it’s a personal ritual that each of us needs from time to time. But it’s one we often forget to dedicate some time to.

With beautiful self-care gifts, you can give your friend or family member a gentle nudge in the right direction and remind them to take some time out. Here are some of the best self-care gift ideas to keep your loved ones at peace.


Curling up with a good cup of tea and a book is a favourite pastime for many – and for good reason. Books can transport us to another world, and help us switch off at the end of a busy day. It can also do great things for your well-being, helping you ease into sleep and take some much-needed time away from your home.

Pick up the latest novel from their favourite author, or start them on a series that you think they just won’t be able to put down. Plus, when gifting to a friend you can always write a personal note at the front, which adds a nice touch.


Stationery is a great gift and one that can help your loved one unwind. From pens to journals, and even letter-making kits, a good set of stationery can help us unveil our inner thoughts by putting pen to paper.

Whether that’s in the form of a journal entry, a letter to someone or even just doodles, having nice stationery can really put you in the mood for self-care. It can be the start of a deep dive into our own minds or the integration between a spiritual practice like meditation and the ‘real world’.

Writing down our thoughts and feelings is a great way to relax and unwind, and having nice stationery set to do it with is a great gift.


Unwinding can look stylish when you have a fresh set of PJs. Sleepwear gifts are perfect for helping your loved one get into the habit of a nighttime routine, or to encourage them to take a night to themselves.

From fluffy robes to sleek silk sets – there is no shortage of options. Pick a range in their favourite colour or brighten up their nighttime with bold patterns. If you’re not too sure about sizing or what they like to wear, you can’t go wrong with sleep accessories. Think of an eye mask that can help them catch up on some extra shut-eye or a pair of cosy slippers.

Planners and Diaries

For the person who struggles to stay on top of their commitments, a planner or diary can make a beautiful gift. Not only do planners help us stay organised, they can also allow us to create a good routine and minimise stress. To add a little extra personal touch, including important dates, or a sweet note on their birthday. You can also leave little messages at random times throughout the planner, to surprise them when they least expect it.

A DIY gift box

Can’t think of something your friend would want? Why not create your own box of mini self-care gifts? A mini self-care box that’s filled with sweet treats, bath goodies and relaxation tools is an amazing present for someone who needs to get some “me” time.

Some ideas for a self-care box include:

A book
Face mask
Bathing goods
Food and drinks

Personalise it with the person you’re shopping for. If you know they love a certain food, pack your hamper full of it. Or, if they have certain activities they love, like drawing you can fill a box full of helpful things.

Essential oils

From increasing energy to helping your friend unwind at the end of a long day, essential oils are a great gift to help improve your friend’s mood. Some essential oils come in roll-on sticks or in bath bombs.

Another great way to help your friend out is with a diffuser. Your friend will be able to plug them in and change up the oil based on their mood. Look for oils like Pepper, Lemon and Grapefruit to help give them a little energy boost. Lavender, Chamomile and Neroli, on the other hand, are great to help them switch off at the end of the day.

Fitness Accessories

Is your friend a regular at their gym? Maybe they love getting their stretch on with a Yoga session at home. Whatever exercise they love, a new fitness accessory is a perfect gift to support them to reach their goals. Keep note of things they’ve mentioned in passing, or complaints after the gym.

It could be something as simple as a pack of resistance bands to take their HIIT workout to the next level, or even a new water bottle or gym towel. Think about what activities they love to do, and then match your gift to suit.

Everyone is different, and everyone has different ideas of what self-care looks like. A self-care gift for your loved one caters to their interests and needs – use these gifts as the perfect inspiration to get you thinking.

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