Skeleton Mat
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Skeleton Mat

I love decorating for Halloween and I’m always looking for new and exciting decor that is fun to use for Halloween. I recently got a Halloween doormat that is a skeleton but even better than that is this is no ordinary skeleton mat. This is an optical illusion mat that makes it look like there is a skeleton coming out of the ground. This mat can be used inside or out. I actually had to get several because not only are they good on the floor around your house they are also good indoors on flat surfaces. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

We decided to decorate our table for a Halloween party we have coming up and put this mat in the center of the table and then some pumpkins on either side of it, and I’m excited for our party because it looks really neat and awesome. When I first got this the kids were at school so I set it out in our front doorway just inside our door and watch their reaction when they got home, it surprised them and they thought it was really cool.

We have even put these in the bathrooms by the tub and in the kids bedrooms to decorate for Halloween. We love when guests come over and we get compliments about it. The kids love showing them to their friends and seeing their reactions. We have one on our concrete back patio and we get lots of people that compliment us on it. If you love decorating for Halloween then check this mat out, it really is a neat piece of decor that I plan on using over and over again.

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