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Silly Mama Quilts

My husband and I have been married for nine years. We have always hand me down furniture. Recently however we had started to think about how we personally want to decorate our house and slowly starting to buy new furniture for it. Nothings more exciting to me than decorating my house. I have started to focus on decorating my kitchen. I have had a hard time finding a table runner that I wanted, but I found just the perfect one on Silly Mama Quilts.


Silly Mama Quilts has many different table runners. It was like Christmas for me looking on her site and trying to decide what table runner I wanted to get. I finally decided on a quilt runner that was made of different yellow and blue material. I went this way because my dream kitchen is going to have yellow walls and border of white daisy’s. I was very impressed when I got the quilt runner in my hands. It’s sewn very well. There was no proof that this was homemade. The material is very pretty and it’s all put together excellent!

If you’re not looking for a table runner but a quilt, pillow cover, place mats, and different baby items Silly Mama Quilts is for you. Just take a look at her store I am sure you will find something that you like. I have been nothing impressed with Silly Mama. She has been nothing but nice to deal with, her work is great, and she has an eye for a design!

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15 thoughts on “Silly Mama Quilts

  1. They make a wide variety of quited items out of beautiful fabric. Thanks for this giveaway.

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  3. Recently Iselected as a part of the Design Team for The Quilted Fish!! I am so excited to be working with Amanda and the other very talented gals on this team. If you are looking for fresh and unique home decor, this is your shop!

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  5. She has many beautiful items for sale (and she offers free shipping).

    When I got you email a few minutes ago, I though the blog post was going to be about YOU quilting! (Fellow quilter here).

    Have a great weekend!

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