Setting Goals
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Setting Goals

It seems so easy to just set a goal and start going after it.

“I am going to drop 15 pounds”

This is so simple!  We know it is more complex.

First the goal to drop 15 pounds does not have a date, when is it done?

It is great that we can tell 15 pounds, that is more specific than lose weight. But we need a time frame to work with. People have used time as a way to track things forever. Your goal is not special. Let it fit in that. Next, the part we often forget is we set this goal but then don’t think hard and long on how we are going to do it.

What steps are you going to take to lose the weight?  Write it down and then do it.

And for me, the biggest thing. A goal unmeet is not the end of that goal. Mark your progress and keep going. So, if I was going to go to the gym three times a week but find that I am only making it 2 times on average then I need to adapt and overcome. Maybe change the times I am going, maybe say two times and do a workout at home, or cut foods more, or the million other things I can do to reach my goals.

Do not get so set in one way to do something that you are unable to do anything.  Life and your goals have to move and be flexible. There are several paths to reach the things you want in life.  Keep adjusting as you must but keep going.

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