Send A Little Easter Love by a Card Magnet

Anymore we resort to using technology to send out mail instead of using the old fashion snail mail. But what if you can still send stuff via snail mail and be modern? Well there is who has modernized sending out cards by turning them into a magnet. What Grandmother or Grandfather wouldn’t love getting a picture magnet card of their grandbabies?

magnetic card

About Easter Magnet Cards:

At, our array of products is unique – designed by us with a personal touch by you! Make any flat card a magnetic card, and decorate your loved ones’ refrigerators in style!  The cards will be placed on a Magnecote paper. MagneCote is a world-class, high-quality printing paper with a magnetic coating on the back. Our magnet cards are very light weight so they require no extra postage to mail to all your family and friends. The magnetic back is available for all of our flat card designs.

magnetic card

My Thoughts:

We live several hours from the nearest family member, so we don’t get to seem them very often. It is nice to send out cards periodically just to update them on how we are doing. I also usually try to  send some pictures along with the card. These magnetic cards help me step up my game. Instead of sending a basic card with some pictures I was able to skip a step. The cards were very lite and didn’t cost any extra to send.

I wanted the receiver to know when the picture was taken, because it is an older picture but it’s my favorite spring picture of the kids.Isn’t it neat that I was able to write on the back the date and a little note. I was very impressed with the picture quality. It didn’t look any different from my original picture. Having the magnetic back allowed the person receiving the card to easily displayed the card. We went home for a visit last week and I got excited seeing all the cards on the fridges. I think it’s a neat and unique way to send a little love!

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