Seagate’s External SSD #2019WOMRHoliday

Have you ever had a computer crash?  I have and it is not a fun experience!  Years of documents, pictures, and memories down the tube!  After that terrible, traumatizing experience, I began to search for ways to prevent this from occurring again.  My search led me to Seagate’s external SSD. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

It is a portable device that can store your information from a PC, laptop, or tablet.  Now, I just make sure and backup important items with my Seagate external SSD. The best part is that I can also bring it with me and pull up any items I wish on other devices as well without having to lug around a laptop or other device.  

External SSD

The Seagate external SSD’s also come with software to organize and edit photos, as well as stream photos and videos.  It is roughly the size of a credit card and will continually back up your files while plugged in. Don’t like plain colors?  You can also get them in different patterns! If you have never had a computer crash and lost precious memories and important files, then you are lucky and I hope it never happens to you!  I would suggest, though, that you take a look at Seagate’s products and find a device to suit your needs so that you will never have to go through that horrible ordeal! I promise, you will be glad you did!