Health / Must Have Products · December 13, 2017 0


Salonpas is something that I use quite often these days. I have a sore neck and back especially after working out and I love using Salonpas. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


It really works well, it takes the pain away and is so easy to apply. I will keep this in my gym bag so I can put it on after working out before I know the pain is going to get to me. I also use this on my foot as I had an accident that has left me with occasional pain and I know that using this when I feel the pain starting will help tremendously.

I have also gotten this for my Husband who has problems with knee pain especially when he is very active. He likes using it and says it helps a lot. It’s nice that this comes in a liquid or a cream and both work the same and are easy to apply. For my back and neck I like using the cream, but for my foot I like using the liquid. This can be used to help with any pains that you might have in your joints. If you are someone who experiences pains then I would highly recommend giving this a try.