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Roominates Townhouse

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

My girls often feel left out by building toys. It seems that a great deal of them are designed with boys in mind. But, they both crave the opportunity to get their hands busy creating and building everything they can imagine.When we heard about Roominates, we knew this was a solution for girly building materials that would have the girls smiling and crafting up fun!
Roominates Townhouse
We got to try out the Townhouse set, this is so cool as there are so many ways to build with it! You can create the townhouse of your dreams by building vertically or horizontally and you can add your own personal touches to the townhouse with stickers or your own decor.
My girls love that you can bring your creations to life with the circuit and motor and arrange things within the house to their liking!
Roominates Townhouse
The set includes 72 pieces and all of the little touches like a flower box and a cute pig to make their play fun, always changing and always dramatic!
The Roominates Townhouse set retails for about $35, but there is a great offer on site that gives you a generous 25% discount, making this an affordable kit to gift this holiday season and encourage building, learning and hands-on play.

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