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Review: Thistle and Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames

Disclosure: I was sent all of the items mentioned above for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours.  

It’s moving time again! Moving is stressful, but there is one thing good about moving. You get a chance to redecorate everything. You gotta love a good excuse to change things up. I know I do. My goal for this move is to re-frame my pictures with the help of Thistle & Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames.

Review: Thistle and Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames

About Snap Point Picture Frames:

The Snap Point Picture Frame is the only frame of its kind, that requires just two pieces. The Frame Base (the back) and the Trim (the front). Thats it! It is so simple to frame photos. Simply place your photo on the base and snap the trim on top. Beyond that, you not only can keep your photos up to date easier than ever before, but you can just as easily change your frame! We offer 10 Base Shapes, 19 Trim Styles and 15 Colors, Can you do the math? That is OVER 42,000 options! It has never been easier to keep your decor modern! Simply slide the trim from the base and snap a new style on! You don’t even have to remove the frame from the wall. 

Review: Thistle and Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames

My Thoughts:

If you want something quick and easy to decorate your house the snap point picture frames are exactly what you need. These things are super neat! My son said it best. . “It’s magic!” I received a orange wooden base. The base was pretty heavy and solid. I also received a blue and grayish frame. I wanted to surprise my husband with a frame picture that was recently taken with of him and my youngest daughter. So first, I printed that off. Than I put the picture in the center of the four magnets on the base. Next, I put the frame I wanted on to it and the magnets snapped together.  It was all ready to go. These frames are not only sturdy and easy to use but the are also stylish. With all the different combinations you are sure to find a set or few sets that will match your decor. If you need help Thistle and Poppy have a virtual frame designer on their website that is exclusively for the Snap Point Picture Frame line.   

Review: Thistle and Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames

If you are interested in getting your own frame set visit Thistle and Poppy’s Facebook page weekly for their weekly giveaways!

What precious memory would you frame?

Review: Thistle and Poppy Snap Point Picture Frames

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